Home Exterior Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues

We are all taught not to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to your home, we are all guilty of passing by impressive homes and looking at the pretty exterior and dreaming. Very often, homes that have been tended to and look beautiful from the outside have used the most straightforward ideas that any of us could recreate, but the off-putting part of the process is the regular upkeep.

Artificial outdoor plants are the perfect answer to the twin desire to upgrade our exterior spaces and do so in a low-maintenance fashion. What follows are some striking, attractive and, most importantly, maintenance-free ideas that will lift your home from the winter blues and keep it looking beautiful all year round.

Set the tone by framing your entrance

Framing the exterior of your living space can make your home look a lot grander. It also hints toward a welcoming interior and allows you to demonstrate your design credentials from the get-go. 

The entrance is an essential facet to the overall look of your home, so paying attention to the small details in the exterior is the icing on the cake. Employing some of the suggestions below in combinations might be something worth trying. For example, pairing a symmetrical topiary with a hanging basket gives the impression of light luxury without seeming like overkill.

Boxed exterior plants

Topiary – shrub symmetry   

Topiary refers to the practice of clipping hedges and shrubs into sometimes rather detailed but always attention-grabbing designs. If you recall the moment Edward Scissorhands finds his purpose, you’ll remember that the neighbourhood hedges started looking a bit more impressive – and that, friends, that is topiary! The good news is our home’s exterior doesn’t need to be Kew Gardens to look incredible. Some well-placed shrubbery will give your porchway an instant lift.   

Artificial topiary plants are great because they are immaculate and tidy and usually sculptured to a slender shape. More slender shapes mean that you avoid any ungainly plants whose wide bloom may restrict easy access. Usually, artificial topiary is UV stable, a treatment that prevents your tree from discolouring or fading outdoors, but it is always worth checking! You may also opt for a weeping mop, lemon, or artificial bay tree for a slightly less structured appearance. Each of these, placed on either side of your entrance, will give a more exotic, more unpolished feel to your exterior. Especially in the case of the lemon tree, these also establish a warm, welcoming environment.

Exterior plants – lime tree

Boxwoods and window boxes – quintessential urban smarts

One of the most vivid images that spring to mind when thinking of city terraces is boxwood plants. For simplicity, this refers to the angular hedges in wooden boxes and boxed plants on window ledges. In each of these cases, they can add a spectacular structure to the outside of your house.

Boxwoods, then, are a great option if you have a wide space at the front of your house and want to break up that space. Typically found in the form of large, square, boxy hedges, boxwoods are subtle and naturally frame the space. At the same time, the best thing about this wonderfully classic style is that it is something that does not look out of place at any time of the year.Window boxes can be similarly structured and neat whilst also containing other plants like heath and pansies. In some window boxes, the neatness is offset by putting to use a louche, effortless draping effect. It is primarily this kind of outdoor artificial plant that evokes vivid city window ledges.

Artificial plants for outdoors – window boxes

Adding some colour – hanging baskets

Hanging baskets can be perfect for adding a touch of colour. People very often think that baskets are only for the summertime. However, investing in some artificial hanging baskets – think luscious ivy and pansy plants that would not look out of place in the duller months – can be the perfect solution.

Not only are artificial hanging baskets completely maintenance-free, but they continue to add a vibrance year round! As mentioned before, combining some of these options can be a really effective and creative way to transform outside spaces into an eye-catching, low-maintenance and cost-effective paradise.

Hanging basket – artificial plants for exterior

As in the front, so in the back!

Upgrading the front of your house is no small feat. It can take careful planning and a bit of imagination to get the entrance looking just right. With all that effort spent on the front, the other outdoor spaces deserve to be just as well-curated!

The back of your house is a space for perhaps more imagination and creativity than the front. Whilst the entrance of the house should exude a welcoming aura; they might also look neat, symmetrical and well-ordered. 

For the back, going for a series of different artificial plants, hedges, wall foliage, and flowers will give your space a wonderfully natural appearance – and again, with a fraction of the upkeep. Throwing together a selection of outdoor trees is a simple way to effortless back garden charm. 

Paying attention to both the front and the back of your home is, really, a case of balance. Thinking boldly and imaginatively is what will take your home to the next level. With the colder months foremost in our minds, we are thinking ahead to the period where our interior decoration changes quite dramatically. To avoid those winter blues, it’s worth turning your attention to the outdoors too!

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