Invest in Artificial Plants and Increase Productivit

With the recession in full swing and a general feeling of misery at work, experts are advising the Great British workforce to invest in artificial plants and trees as a way of raising mood, and increasing productivity by up to twelve per-cent!

Call it a work-based myth at your peril, artificial trees and plants have been scientifically proven by the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture to reduce stress and increase productivity in a series of independent studies carried out at universities in the USA, Netherlands and the UK.

The findings were baffling, with employees’ productivity rates during computer based tasks increasing by up to twelve per-cent, and systolic blood pressure readings were lowered by one to four units, showing a decrease in stress levels and an increase in overall wellbeing.

Graham Knights, managing director at Evergreen, who offer artificial treesfake plants and artificial hedges said, “It may seem like an extremely small thing to do, but by adding plants to a dull workplace or even a bland windowsill, it can really boost morale amongst your staff. Given their huge benefits, you’d think that indoor plants would be as common in offices as computers and annoying coworkers!”

Sadly, most of us know only two kinds of office plant, the fire hazards above the filing cabinet and the dusty brown fire hazards, but this need not be the case! The new generation of artificial plants are realistic in form, extremely hardy and bespoke in design. For offices that are constantly on the move, artificial plants are suited to the effects of poor light and fluctuating temperatures, both conditions that make it hard to keep healthy looking live plants.

Mr Knights from the company who have over 20 years worth of experience in topiary and artificial trees added, “These days, creating artificial planting dispays is an art form. Using a special technique of grafting high quality silk, plyester and latex foliage, onto natural and preserved stems, it is possible to produce trees, palms, shrubs and ivy’s that are almost indistinguishable from living specimens. We are finding that some of our most popular products for the office environment are our artificial bay trees, as they are larger than the average plant and are extremely realistic.”

Available from Evergreen, are our famour artificial bay trees which the ideal choice for framing an entrance, priced from only £49.95. There really is no reason to subject your workers to a dull office environment. For those looking for something a bit smaller, their extensive range of flowers is unbeatable on both quality and value. For more information on how topiary can transform your office space, visit the Evergreen website.

About Evergreen
Evergreen has been designing, manufacturing and importing artificial trees, plants and greenery for almost 15 years. During that time they have created designs for some of Britain’s largest companies. Evergreen work on a number of levels, be it supplying mail order direct to the end-user or working with large national companies in the leisure and retail sector.

How to Choose the Ideal Artificial Tree

Artificial trees create an extra dimension to your room by bringing colour,  texture and ambience . We firmly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder which is why at Evergreen we hand build a lot of trees. This gives us the facility to customise the artificial trees exactly to your taste and build them in a way that looks like they have grown into your space as opposed to a standard size  been made to fit into your interior.

With so many different artificial trees available her is a simple step by step guide that will help you select the perfect tree for you.

Tree Type

To ensure the artificial tree looks credible in its surroundings pick a tree that would naturally survive in the space you would like it to sit. For example  an artificial oak tree is unlikely to look credible sat in the corner of your living room but a tree such as an Areca Palm of Ficus tree that survive well indoors would be perfect


Outdoor: Topiary, Bamboo, or Shrubbery

Interior: Hand built trees, Palms

Front Door: Topiary

Tree Size

We would always recommend measuring the space you would like you artificial tree to sit before selecting as very often heights can be deceiving. Also take into consideration the pot that you would like the tree to be planted in as this can add extra height , the majority of our trees when potted with the planters we supply adds around 1ft to the overall finished height.

Customise your tree

By giving us a call you can always customise you tree to make it that little bit more personal. If you are opting for a hand built tree we would suggest you firstly select you foliage and height,  then you can choose which shape suits you best. You can do this by sending an image through to us of a tree you would like to replicate or by having a browse through our own hand built trees and our gallery and choosing which you prefer.

Under planting can also be make you tree look a little more decorative and be a great way to tie you tree  into your colour theme. You can add this to any of your trees by looking through our planting section and select which plants you would like to use for the under planting.

Potting the tree

It may be that you have a planter  at home that you would like your trees to be potted  in or it may be that you need to pair a planter with your new tree. It it always worth getting advice on which tree suits the size of tree you are buying. On our site all our trees are paired with the relevant sized planter so this should be as straightforward as picking which style and colour you prefer. When purchasing a planter with your tree we will pot it up ready for you to stand in place and will add a decorative bonded stone finish free of charge. If you already have a planter for you tree then we are happy to provide you with instructions on how to pot your trees and materials if necessary.

How to Transform Your Home With Interior Artificial Trees

With the snowdrops in bloom, the crocuses popping through and sticky buds beginning to show, it is a exciting to see the start of spring. With this in mind, many of us are starting to reflect this spring like feel in the home. At Evergreen Direct we are busy building artificial trees for customers interiors to give them the ultimate spring-like feel. When buying real interior trees  you want to make sure they are blooming and looking healthy at all times, with this the tree continues to grow until ultimately the tree will exceed the perfect size and shape for you space. With artificial trees we are able to build an artificial tree that is built to the perfect size and shape that fits your space.

This Artificial ficus tree is the only form of decoration in this kitchen and gives it a gorgeous wow factor

 Create a canopy over your living space


Fill empty corners with an ornamental artificial trees such as our artificial maple tree


The all year round wonderful summer house with trees galore!


If you are looking to purchase artificial trees of this of this sort then have a browse through our artificial trees gallery to get some ideas of a style, measure up your space and get in touch to discuss the look and feel you would like us to create.

Maintenance Free Ideas to Wake Up Your Home’s Exterior Form Those Winter Blues

Maintenance free ideas to wake up your home’s exterior  form  those winter blues

We are all taught not to judge a book by its cover but when it comes to your home we are all guilty of passing by impressive homes and looking at the pretty exterior and dreaming. Very often homes that have been tended to and look beautiful from the outside have used the simplest ideas that any of us could re create, but the off putting part of the process is the regular up-keep.

Below are some striking, maintenance free ideas that will lift your home from the winter blues and keep it looking beautiful all year round.


Add some mini artificial boxwood hedges as window boxes. The best thing about this wonderfully classic style is that it is something that does not look out of place at any time of the year

Available to buy from Artificial Bespoke Hedges

Framing your entrance
Framing the entrance to your front can make your home look a lot grander, often preventing your home from looking too one dimensional. When looking for the perfect tree or plant to frame an entrance a good place to start is with topiary trees and plants. These are great because they are neat and tidy and usually sculptured to a slender shape which avoids any braches growing and getting in the way of your door! When opting for an artificial product make sure the foliage of the tree or plant is UV stable, this prevents your tree discolouring or fading outdoors.

Available to buy from Artificial Bay Tree in varying heights from £49.50

Add some colour

Hanging baskets can be perfect for this. People very often think that hanging baskets are only for the summertime but investing in some artificial hanging baskets that are filled with luscious ivy and pansy plants that would not look out of place in the duller months can be the perfect solution. Not only are artificial hanging baskets completely maintenance free but also continue looking their best whatever!

Available to buy from Hanging baskets from £39.95

How to Build an Artificial Tree

How to build an Artificial Tree

Evergreen direct harvest natural stems from a sustainable local area of forestry.

The stems harvested are carefully selected to suit the species of tree we are building. The stems are pruned and cut to the desired shape and height to form the framework of the artificial tree.

The stems are then set using casting plaster into a planter. These can be potted into a more decorative planter if required but all of our hand built trees come free of charge in a travel planter. The travel planter allows your trees to be ready to display the moment it arrives and also allows you to stand in a more decorative planter you already own if desired.

Small holes are then drilled into the stem in the position that foliage would need to be added. The bushier and more dense we want the tree to look the closer we drill the holes. It is often more effective to begin with a smaller amount of foliage and add to this once the shape of the tree begins to form.

The foliage species is then selected. At Evergreen direct we use top quality foliage which is made from a mix of fine silk and polyester. Foliage sprays are pruned to shape and inserted into the stems using pliers.

This Process is repeated until the shape of the tree begins to take shape. At this stage more holes are drilled in sections that need extra foliage coverage.

Eventually the tree will begin to take shape and look like a stunning, very realistic tree!