Improve the Exterior of your Home

When it comes to the front of your house, it’s the first thing that people will notice, whether it’s family, friends, guests or potential buyers, if you’re selling your house. They will form their first impression of the house through how it looks from the exterior. The front of your home is the gateway, whether it’s tidy, messy, colourful, brown, bland or interesting, it will be a big contribution to people forming opinions of your home.

Take a look at these ways to improve and enhance the exterior of your home.

Updating your front door

Whether your choosing a new front door or refurbishing and painting your front door, updating a front door is quick and easy, as well as being DIY possible.

Should you live on a road where there’s a uniform house type, you should try and match your front door as closely as possible to the homes around you. There’re modern doors that can be made to look like traditional styles, so if it’s a classic style that your searching for, it’s not always necessary to buy a brand new door.

Add artificial plants

Trees, plants and blooms will look great outside of your home, whether they’re real or artificial. When choosing faux plants, they’re great as they have all the benefits of real plants, yet there’s no maintenance requirements. Artificial plants will add colour, elegance and interest to the exterior of your home.

Artificial plants are a classic yet contemporary choice and will ensure that the exterior of your property looks excellent. Nowadays you can find fake trees and flowers that are designed to look 100% botanically accurate and will help bring any outdoor area to life. Real-life plants are known as being very delicate in harsh weather conditions, but replica plants, trees and flowers mean you can enjoy beautiful greenery and blooms without all the careful maintenance, expertise and costs that come with pruning and trimming.

New driveway installation

When it comes to the front of your home and your driveway, this is another great way to improve the exterior of your property. By investing in a new driveway, this will have a number of benefits, especially when it comes to adding value to your property.

Having a new driveway at the front of your home provides a great first impression, especially when considering people’s first look at your property. Should you undergo the correct maintenance for your driveway, this will also help as it will keep it renewed.

Add a new patio too

Installing a new patio can be expensive, but the benefits you’ll get from it will outweigh the initial price you paid. It will break up your garden area and add character to the back of your home, making your outdoor space even better and a place where you will want to spend a lot of time. Overall this will help to add value to the worth of your home, especially if you look after your patio so it stays in tip-top condition.

Top 5 Benefits of Plants in the Office

Adding interior plants to the office is one of the biggest office design trends to look out for in 2018, offering businesses a simultaneously natural and beautiful addition to their office interior.

Plants and greenery are known to affect the overall well-being of employees, providing you with the incentive you need to purchase plants for your office this summer.

The Environment Agency estimates that some people spend up to 90% of their time indoors. By incorporating plant life into the design of your workspace, your staff will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature inside, as well as the many physical and psychological benefits that come with having office plants.

Here we look at the top 5 benefits of having plants in the office. Let’s begin!

1. Visual Benefits

One of the top benefits of having plants in the office; they look great. Not only do they bring various rich shades of green to the workplace, they also provide the visually-meditative experience that can ultimately lead to happier and healthier employees that are more productive.

Providing the office plants offer customers and employees a visually enhanced perception of the workspace, it’s clear that having plants in the office can have obvious visual benefits. An office full of vibrant greenery can also portray a positive brand image to visitors, if you welcome members of the public inside.

2. Stress Reduction

Studies have shown that having indoor plants in the home or office can reduce stress levels, especially in working environments. Researchers found that blood pressure levels were lower when plants were present in the office, than when they weren’t. Participants in such studies have also reported to having felt more attentive when working in an office environment containing plants. Other studies from around the globe have also provided evidence that stress is reduced when employees are working with plants surrounding them, which can improve productivity in some cases.

3. Reduction in Noise Levels

Strategically placed plants can help to reduce noise pollution in the office, stealing the concept from outdoor plants and trees which are often used to reduce noise pollution along motorways and busy roads. Plants in the office can help to reduce reverberation time, meaning the prolongation of sounds in the office are lessened.

Placing plants in areas near to hard surfaces, such as hardwood floors, concrete walls and wooden desks, will effectively help to reduce noise levels in the workplace. This will, in turn, help to prevent distraction and maintain productivity levels.

4. Air Cleansing

Having real plants in the office can help to improve the air quality by getting rid of harmful pollutants. Modern-day offices tend to have what we call ‘sealed air’, meaning they can contain up to ten times more pollutants than the outdoor air. Common pollutants which can become trapped inside include mould, formaldehyde, dust mites, carbon monoxide and chemical cleaning agents that your cleaner may have used. The right plants will help to remove these pollutants from the air, injecting and circulating healthy oxygen around the room.

Plants can also help to stabilise humidity levels inside, with some indoor plants also proven to reduce the symptoms of ‘sick building syndrome’ or SBS.

5. The Need for Nature

In the 1984 book, ‘Biophilia’, written by Harvard Biologist, E.O. Wilson, proposed that humans will naturally tend to affiliate with nature and other life-forms. Since then, the term ‘Biophilia’ has been commonly used to describe our need as humans to associate with nature.

If we, as humans, have an internal desire to associate with nature, it’s only natural that we surround ourselves with as much nature as possible; either outside or inside the office when working.

Artificial Planting Post Christmas Interior Tips

January can be a little bit of an anti climax after all the December festivities. At Evergreen we have pulled together some inspirational interior tips on how you can brighten up your post Christmas home with artificial planting.

Artificial Topiary is rarely considered for use on a table display or as an alternative to fresh flowers  but it is wonderful greenery that looks credible all year. The boxwood balls look particularly striking  potted in either little urns or displayed in bowls. They are very cost effective and unlike lots of plants and flowers never go out of season
Artificial Buxus balls interior dresserBoxwood balls interior planting


Artificial Boxwood Balls in Decorative Bowl

Miss your Christmas tree? Why not get a bespoke hand built tree to stand in its place until next year. These ornate trees really transform your interior making the space ooze class and charisma.


handbuilt tree living room

Now all your Christmas cards and garlands have been packed away your shelving areas may be looking a little empty, with the addition of some potted trailing plants you can very quickly bring these spaces to life with a beautifully botanical twist.

trailing plants on shelf

If you looking to add an eccentric flare to your interior and create a real talking point with your guests we have a range of artificial green wall and hedge foliage panels that are a wonderful alternative to wall paper

boxwood-hedge-wallpaperBoxwood wall paper 2


Artificial Boxwood wallpaper

A Touch Of Christmas

Here at Evergreen Trees and Shrubs we are getting in the festive spirit. We have a few new products to show you lovely people and help you get in the Christmas mood. Click here to browse our Christmas products.

Simple ideas are sometimes the best ideas. Our birch stems look great as a table centrepiece dressed in a decorative vase, you could even jazz them up by adding your own glitter or keep it simple and add some fairy lights or the odd tree decoration. They could also be a focal point in a room instead of a traditional tree… the possibilities are endless.

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How About Bringing Some of the Outside in With a Botanical Bathroom?

We have plants in the kitchen, living room, dining room and even in bedrooms so why not have plants in bathrooms too? Whether it be a single Boston fern plant, trailing ivy or even a palm tree, having plants in your bathroom can create an environment leaving you feeling fresh and relaxed. Plants also add a splash of colour to your white bathroom suites and can spruce up the room without much effort at all. Plants are also great at promoting stress relief, creating a tranquil healthy environment that has good Feng shui. Find a similar artificial product to the photo below here  3ft Grass Plant.

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Screening An Unsightly Area

Ever wondered how you could hide those unsightly wheelie bins or that bulky air conditioning unit? Artificial hedging is a great way to achieve a hidden area without looking out of place in your garden or patio. Who would of thought there was an air conditioning unit behind this hedging?

Get this robust hedging in a variety of finishes, instant or bespoke, in a trough or without a trough. The possibilities with this great product are endless.

Artificial Hedges

At Evergreen Direct when it comes to the large range of artificial plants and hedges that we provide, they have all been produced to the highest quality and are made from durable materials. What’s more, is each faux hedge we produce will be meticulously created to make sure that it not only looks great but also has a long lifespan. The materials that we use vary and will depend on the type and style of the fake hedge that you require, this is to ensure that they are realistic looking. We have over 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and importing a range of artificial plants and are known across the UK for the life-like and fine quality artificial plants that we provide. All of our fake plant and hedge products have been assembled from our base in Yorkshire by a team of highly skilled and talented artificial plant experts. The selection of plants and hedges that we offer is vast and we also have a range of plants available that includes customised options that are bespoke artificial plant products. So whatever your style, shape or budget, from a fake plant for a commercial or domestic property, look no further, our professionals can help. At Evergreen Direct, we’re experts when it comes to artificial plants and are experts in providing a wide selection of artificial plants that are suitable for both your home, office and many more commercial spaces. When you choose Evergreen Direct, you’ll find exactly what you need, we make sure that we offer faux products that are 100% botanically accurate and are of the highest quality. We also aim to price our products competitively to make sure that your customers get value for money products and services. Should you have any questions regarding any of our hedge products, simply get in touch with our team of professionals today.

Artificial Grass Alfresco Dining Range

We are now enjoying that beautiful time of the year where we squeeze any possible alfresco meal in where we can, whilst the novelty is still as fresh as Spring itself. Often the only irritation about this is dodging the inevitable springtime showers which often results in a hasty rush to cover over outdoor furniture and bring in any soft cushions or table clothes. If this is all sounding quite similar we may have some products that will be music to your ears!

Firstly, we have recently launched a new product which is an artificial grass cushion which has been designed to be left outdoors all year round. It is hardy to all the outdoor elements and due to its waterproof foam insert, they have a very speedy drying once the rain has stopped! These are currently retailing at £19.95 each and come in different sizes. Why not splash out this spring and enjoy the sensation of sitting on freshly cut grass all year round!

We also have a range of artificial grass table wear which is equally hardy to the outdoor elements and can be left on your outdoor table for as long as you like. Our artificial grass table wear include table runners, place mats and coasters. The artificial material these are made from is durable against natural elements, so it won’t dull after exposure to the sun or become damaged by the outdoor elements. All products have drainage holes built-in which allows the water to drain straight through speeding up any drying time.

The artificial grass table wear range brings a natural element to your dining experience. The contemporary and summery decor can of course also be used on an indoors. The design also brings a fresh take to rainy days spent eating indoors when you’d rather be enjoying dry weather outside.

These are also a great solution for events such as children parties as they are so simple to clean and of course, are stain proof! Simply spray with a little anti-bacterial cleaner and hose down!

This seasonal decor is a great way to enjoy the last of summer, and a great way to ring in the spring. Happy Alfresco dining!

Invest in Artificial Plants and Increase Productivit

With the recession in full swing and a general feeling of misery at work, experts are advising the Great British workforce to invest in artificial plants and trees as a way of raising mood, and increasing productivity by up to twelve per-cent!

Call it a work-based myth at your peril, artificial trees and plants have been scientifically proven by the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture to reduce stress and increase productivity in a series of independent studies carried out at universities in the USA, Netherlands and the UK.

The findings were baffling, with employees’ productivity rates during computer based tasks increasing by up to twelve per-cent, and systolic blood pressure readings were lowered by one to four units, showing a decrease in stress levels and an increase in overall wellbeing.

Graham Knights, managing director at Evergreen, who offer artificial treesfake plants and artificial hedges said, “It may seem like an extremely small thing to do, but by adding plants to a dull workplace or even a bland windowsill, it can really boost morale amongst your staff. Given their huge benefits, you’d think that indoor plants would be as common in offices as computers and annoying coworkers!”

Sadly, most of us know only two kinds of office plant, the fire hazards above the filing cabinet and the dusty brown fire hazards, but this need not be the case! The new generation of artificial plants are realistic in form, extremely hardy and bespoke in design. For offices that are constantly on the move, artificial plants are suited to the effects of poor light and fluctuating temperatures, both conditions that make it hard to keep healthy looking live plants.

Mr Knights from the company who have over 20 years worth of experience in topiary and artificial trees added, “These days, creating artificial planting dispays is an art form. Using a special technique of grafting high quality silk, plyester and latex foliage, onto natural and preserved stems, it is possible to produce trees, palms, shrubs and ivy’s that are almost indistinguishable from living specimens. We are finding that some of our most popular products for the office environment are our artificial bay trees, as they are larger than the average plant and are extremely realistic.”

Available from Evergreen, are our famour artificial bay trees which the ideal choice for framing an entrance, priced from only £49.95. There really is no reason to subject your workers to a dull office environment. For those looking for something a bit smaller, their extensive range of flowers is unbeatable on both quality and value. For more information on how topiary can transform your office space, visit the Evergreen website.

About Evergreen
Evergreen has been designing, manufacturing and importing artificial trees, plants and greenery for almost 15 years. During that time they have created designs for some of Britain’s largest companies. Evergreen work on a number of levels, be it supplying mail order direct to the end-user or working with large national companies in the leisure and retail sector.

Slippery Step Remedy

This weekend like may others across the county we were facing first frosts which welcomed with it slippery front door steps, thanks to the wet weather causing slimey algae to grow all over it. An accident was waiting to happen, and unfortunatly my daughter beat us all to it whilst she was racing out the front door last week, slipped and gashed her knee. Action needed to be taken and this wasn’t a job I could add onto the bottom of my wives 3 monthly maintainance to do list!

I firstly looked into specialist slip resistant grit paint but after looking closely at the finish I felt it made the step look somewhat grimey!

I needed to look much closer to home than this… artificial grass was the perfect solution! Why had I not thought of this sooner! Using a staple gun I simply glad the whole step taking less that 10 minutes! Not only does this look great but works perfectly as an unavoidable front door mat, the mud and pebbles have certainly disappered inside our front door since this grass was layed.

In the spring time if I decide to take this up, the grass will have protected the decking timber underneath so no more algae will have grown saving me the job of the annual pressure wash in April.

The Artificial grass I used here was long summer meadow supplied by Artificial Landscapes