10 Surprising Facts About Artificial Garden Walls

I know, I know. You’re thinking ‘an artificial green wall is something I’d build in The Sims’. Well, I thought the same until I’d clocked one of the wonderful vertical gardens on a trip to Berlin.

The concept of a wall garden is pretty cool – a flat surface that is rendered in foliage, (real or artificial) that adds a verdant flourish to a bland, vertical space. Now, Berlin is one of those locations that are characteristic of these modernized public spaces, but there’s no reason not to have one of your own!

A living wall is a lush addition to any space. However, there are hidden benefits to trading out some tough-to-maintain organic vegetation for an artificial green wall. Here are ten of the best.

Bathroom green wall


A living wall is a thing of beauty but can be an absolute nightmare to maintain. Like a horizontal garden, there is a fair amount of watering, trimming and, and general upkeep required for a living wall. Going for an artificial green wall means you get to have the splendour of green space without the arduous aftercare. 

Keeping up with your artificial green walls involves nothing more than regular dusting or a bi-annual hose down if it is on an external wall.


An artificial green wall has the rather handy benefit of endurance. As a result of neglect, you might find your living wall begins to look a bit sad and depleted. Because artificial foliage demands less, you will get longer out of it! The seasons won’t affect your beautiful artificial feature wall in the same way they would a living wall. 

At the same time, artificial foliage is made out of materials that are made to last. Many products also come already prepared to weather the elements by including UV treatments and sturdy designs.     


The benefits of green space inside the house are no secret. Adding an artificial garden wall to your home decor will help to improve mood and boost well-being – an all-important benefit as the darker months draw in. 

Don’t let the introduction of plants into office spaces leave you green with envy. Just because they’re artificial doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of introducing plants into your immediate surroundings. There’s absolutely no reason not to add some greenery into the living room!


Making the most of small spaces has become a focus of urban planning trends over the last couple of years and shows no signs of going away. Filling external spaces with greenery is a great way to improve limited urban dwellings. 

Take a leaf out of many of the upmarket establishments that have opted for wall gardens as a design feature.

As well as the benefits noted here, artificial plant walls are a current option for those after adding automatic style to their homes.

Garden artificial green wall

Noise Control

Adding an artificial green wall will aid in dealing with difficult acoustics. This helps by breaking up hard surfaces and softening reflected soundwaves. Few factors are more annoying for causing distraction than an echoing and reverberating room. 

The leaves and spaces between them absorb some of those frustrating echoes and look good whilst doing it! This is one of the benefits of installing an artificial green wall that applies to both inside and outside. Urban planners have been known to plant more greenery around motorways to ease the noise pollution in those areas. 

Aesthetic Alternatives

There’s a lot to be said for incorporating a feature wall in a room. Something about a big, bold print just sets the decor off. Artificial foliage is the perfect alternative to mix up how a feature wall appears. Many artificial green walls contain floral designs in an array of colours, so you can even match the accents of the room with the green wall.

Sitting room artificial green wall


If you’re worried about your wall looking authentic, you can still get a realistic look with an artificial green wall. Artificial foliage has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and the detail and quality they come in are impressive. 

You can still get satisfying results by going synthetic, so you shouldn’t hesitate in getting your green on!


As mentioned, there is a very tricky and intricate method to installing some of the living walls you may have seen. From hidden guttering to improve drainage after watering to costly and laborious solutions to prevent dampness and rot. 

In the world of artificial foliage, this isn’t a problem. Not only do you avoid running into issues of drainage and dampness, but a faux green wall is also easy to fit. Professional fitting is an entirely less intrusive affair. Timber, concrete and plasterboard are all suitable surfaces in which to mount artificial foliage.

Garden green wall

Versatile and Flexible

Because of the ease with which they can be installed, their durability and the multiple varieties they come in, artificial green walls are a flexible and versatile option. They can go inside and outside and won’t impede much on any of the architectural elements already present in (or out of!) your home.

Because of their durability, you may find different homes season by season or year by year for your artificial foliage!


One of the greatest challenges for home improvements is keeping things cost-effective. Many boutique and bespoke living walls can come in a bit pricy. This includes the various upkeep needs, installation, and then the plants themselves. 

Artificial plant walls are a more savvy and astute investment. Needing nothing more than a bit of a spring clean, they will cost less in the long run.

Pricing for many of the artificial green wall tiles is usually competitive and will save you a ton of money. The chances are, if you’ve stumbled upon the joys of a green wall, you already have a budding interest in upping the vegetation in your home. Don’t stop at a vertical garden; go all out and cover your cupboard tops with an array of aesthetically pleasing green decoration. If you’ve had one of those years (we all have) – so don’t deny yourself the treat!

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