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  • Artificial Deluxe Boxwood Hedge in Timber Trough

    Artificial Deluxe Boxwood Hedge in Timber Trough

    From: £134.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Buxus Hedge in timber trough

    Artificial Buxus Hedge in timber trough

    From: £126.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Tea leaf Hedge in Timber Trough

    Artificial Tea leaf Hedge in Timber Trough

    From: £134.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial New Growth Boxwood Hedge in timber trough

    Artificial New Growth Boxwood Hedge in timber trough

    From: £126.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Green Wall Vertical Garden in Timber Trough

    Artificial Green Wall Vertical Garden in Timber Trough

    From: £235.00 INC VAT
  • Artificial Boxwood Topiary Letters

    Artificial Boxwood Topiary Letters

    From: £79.95 INC VAT

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6 Item(s)

Artificial instant hedges are a wonderful alternative to live hedging and one which you won't have to wait for years to watch grow, order with us today and in days you will have a fully grown lush looking instant hedge. This decision to buy one of our fake instant hedges may be to improve the privacy in your garden, screen away unsightly areas, or simply as an aesthetic boxwood border in your garden, terrace or balcony. Once your artificial hedges are in place you are able to enjoy the savings of your own time spent on maintenance and money on planting replacements and even gardeners fees.

We treat each artificial hedge as a bespoke order and as the customer you have access to our design service where you will have designer dedicated to your project, who will recommend the best design, and fitting to suit your space and budget.

Instant Artificial Hedges

At Evergreen Direct we spend a lot of time making sure our prices are highly competitive in the market place. How we ensure this is by importing the finest quality artificial foliage, direct from the manufacturer in large quantities to guarantee the best possible prices. We supply it direct to customers to make sure additional commissions are charges through middle men suppliers are not added to your cost.

All our products are designed to withstand all the outdoor elements. The composition of our hedges are all durable, robust and fully UV stable to prevent and fading or discolour. This ensures your artificial instant hedges are fully maintenance free and the foliage will continue to look vibrant and healthy for years to come. If you love our artificial instant hedges but would like an alternative size, visit our bespoke artificial hedge section.

Fake Instant Hedges

At Evergreen Direct we’re suppliers of artificial instant hedging, all of the hedges that we provide, including our instant hedge range, are all made to measure. You simply select the type of hedging and style of faux hedge that you want, the size and colour of the box. As artificial hedge experts, we offer a large range of fake hedges including boxwood and buxus, all of our faux hedges are 100% botanically accurate, ensuring that they’ll look effective and realistic at your property. What’s more, when you choose Evergreen Direct, you can guarantee products to the best quality as all of our instant hedges are bespoke and made to measure on order.

Transform the look of your outdoor space or garden with instant artificial hedging, our faux hedges are perfect for a number of things, such as covering an unsightly garden fence or splitting your garden into different areas. At Evergreen Direct we offer a number of instant fake hedging solutions, all of our hedges are also custom made to your requirements, ensuring that the hedge fits your garden’s size as well as its style.

Faux Hedges and Hedging

Unlike real live hedges, our artificial hedging options are instant, they’ll require no time to grow and no maintenance, making it a quick and easy alternative to the real hedging option. Our instant hedges are UV protected and made to measure using only the most robust materials, ensuring the durability of the hedge and making sure that it lasts many years to come in your outdoor space. What’s more, is our fake instant hedges will also look great all year round!

Give the interior or exterior of your home or premises a refresh with our instant artificial hedges, compared to live hedges, our faux options will need no maintenance. There’ll be no need to spend a lot of time cleaning dead, fallen leaves and you’ll always be able to ensure that your yard looks neat and green. Check our range of bespoke instant hedges here at Evergreen Direct.


We Are Here To Help

Whether it is some simple advice to help you select a product or a full complementary design service we have artificial planting specialists ready to take your call:

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