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Invest in artificial plants and increase productivity

With the recession in full swing and a general feeling of misery at work, experts are advising the Great British workforce to invest in artificial plants and trees as a way of raising mood, and increasing productivity by up to twelve per-cent! Call it a work-based myth at your peril, artificial trees and plants have been scientifically proven by the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture to reduce stress and increase productivity in a series of independent studies carried out at universities in the USA, Netherlands and the UK. The findings were baffling, with... Read More

How About Bringing Some of the Outside in With a Botanical Bathroom?

We have plants in the kitchen, living room, dining room and even in bedrooms so why not have plants in bathrooms too? Whether it be a single Boston fern plant, trailing ivy or even a palm tree, having plants in your bathroom can create an environment leaving you feeling fresh and relaxed. Plants also add a splash of colour to your white bathroom suites and can spruce up the room without much effort at all. Plants are also great at promoting stress relief, creating a tranquil healthy environment that has... Read More

Boxwood Wedding

The Wedding season is now in full swing so here’s some great ideas using artificial grass, planting, trees and hedging. Boxwood hedging can create a striking cake stand for any cake large or small, 1 tiered or 5 tiered. Here is one of our customers’ creations using our boxwood hedge panels. One of the hottest wedding products on the market are topiary letters. Letters form an impressive backdrop for photo opportunities and become a real focal point. Boxwood balls can be used in many different and creative ways. Place them in planters and... Read More

Transform Your Garden in Minutes With Artificial Hedging

Artificial hedging- your top secret landscaping solution Wandering around the grounds of beautiful stately homes or open gardens cannot fail to inspire when considering planting solutions for your own property. The perfectly manicured hedges which cordon off the outside world leaving you in what could be quite comfortably considered a ‘secret garden’, a haven of tranquillity and relaxation. The forever frustrating question is how I can create this look for myself without having to spend a lot of time waiting for hedges to grow, a lot more time maintaining the... Read More

Maintenance Free Ideas to Wake Up Your Home’s Exterior From Those Winter Blues

Maintenance free ideas to wake up your home’s exterior  form  those winter blues We are all taught not to judge a book by its cover but when it comes to your home we are all guilty of passing by impressive homes and looking at the pretty exterior and dreaming. Very often homes that have been tended to and look beautiful from the outside have used the simplest ideas that any of us could re create, but the off putting part of the process is the regular up-keep. Below are some... Read More

Sneak Preview at Our SS14 Furniture Collection

I am in love with our new chiseled timber chair with artificial grass cushioning. The texture of the drift wood like timber is stunning, finished with the soft artificial grass. The timber used in making these chairs is incredibly old, I challenge anyone to count all the rings which are beautifully visible and form a wonderful contrast to the rustic exterior. These ‘log lounger’ fit perfectly into this season favorite botanical flare To pre order at a special price get in touch with Evergreen direct email: enquiries@evergreendirect.co.uk tel: 01751 417776All our furniture has been designed to withstand... Read More

Boxwood is a Brides Best Friend

It’s your big day and everything is under control, button holes- check, venue- check, but have you considered the benefits of adding artificial trees and plants to your wedding venue or reception? As the experts at Evergreen, the market leaders in artificial plants and trees outline, the latest generation of brides are seeking out the very latest dazzling topiary to add a classic and subtle taste of individuality to their big day.  Graham Knights, the designer at Evergreen Direct, who creates displays  artificial trees, fake plants and artificial hanging baskets said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder which is why at Evergreen Direct... Read More

How to Transform Your Home With Interior Artificial Trees

With the snowdrops in bloom, the crocuses popping through and sticky buds beginning to show, it is a exciting to see the start of spring. With this in mind, many of us are starting to reflect this spring like feel in the home. At Evergreen Direct we are busy building artificial trees for customers interiors to give them the ultimate spring-like feel. When buying real interior trees  you want to make sure they are blooming and looking healthy at all times, with this the tree continues to grow until ultimately the tree will exceed... Read More

Why and When to Buy Artificial Trees and Plants

WHY BUY ARTIFICIAL? Most interior environments benefit from some form of greenery, but very few are suited to the long term survival of living plants: poor light, fluctuating temperatures etc. are just a couple of reasons why it is difficult to keep healthy looking live plants. This is where evergreen can help…we are specialists in replica & preserved trees, plants & landscapes.Whether you need a simple potted plant, or a whole forest of tropical trees, any specimen that is alive & available, can be produced in replica. Using a special technique of grafting high quality silk... Read More

Artificial Vertical Gardens and Green Walls

Green walls and vertical garden keep popping up in areas of botanically beauty and anyone that appreciates beautiful interiors and gardens cannot help admire the craftsmanship and skill that goes into firstly building up also maintaining these impressive features. Evergreen Direct have now devised an artificial green wall that cuts out any of the hard work or maintenance that  come with vertical gardens. These artificial greenery is simply fixed to basic trellis work or for permanent feature fixed using an adhesive to the wall Popular plants to use are artificial ferns, trailing ivy varieties, and Dracaena’s. If... Read More