Time To Get Your Exhibit Stands Ready: Using Artificial Greenery

Is your exhibition stand looking a bit dull?

Add a touch of nature to your trade show booth for a Fresh, Welcoming Vibe. Forget those dull plain stands and help attract clients to a relaxing and tranquil environment that stands out from competitors. Creating that lasting impact. Trade shows are a great way to showcase your business and attract potential customers. Adding greenery to your booth decor is an effective way to stand out from the competition and draw attention to your brand. Greenery can help create a unique atmosphere, make your booth look inviting, and add life and colour to the area. Not only that, but adding greenery can also have a positive impact on customer engagement and lead generation. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of adding greenery to your trade show booth decor.

The benefits of using our Artificial Plants include:

  1. The cost-effective nature of them. They can be used, re-used year upon year then stored away for many different shows. They can be shipped ahead of time with easy, and require zero maintenance apart from a dress out if they have become flattened in storage. Our Green Wall is super versatile and can be used as fixed background displays, movable screens or even as part of your logo design.

2. Trade shows are often vast open spaces that appear cold and clinical. By adding Artificial Plants, Artificial Trees and Artificial Green wall of varying heights and colours you can create a more intimate area for your clients to be welcomed in, allowing you to develop those all important client connections.

Artificial greenery doesn’t have to be limited to the stand. You can make excellent use of our Artificial Grass Sofas, tables and also Dog beds to create a vibrant seating area that is memorable and very tactile for people when they are sat upon them. Not to mention that they are a super talking point making stand out from the crowd.

We can create bespoke lettering, green wall combinations as well as hand built trees for your specific requirements. We are also on hand providing support and guidance on how to install and create your design ideas. https://www.evergreendirect.co.uk/shop-by-space-commercial-i57

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