The Art of Making Fake Plants Look Real

Giving Artificial Plants The Attention They Deserve

The concern many people have about artificial plants is that they don’t look real. However, when styled in the right way fake plants can look just as good as the real thing. We’ve put together a list of top tips that can help you to place your plants in a way, so they look just as good as the real thing. Some of our top tips for artificial plants are:

1. The Plants You Choose

Using Artificial FlowersThere are many different types of artificial plants available on the market and choosing the right one can be difficult. From different varieties to the different ways they hang or stand. The more natural looking a plant is, the more realistic it will look. When choosing a type of artificial plant there are a number of things to consider such as:

  • The fabric or material used on the plant
  • Texture and shape of the leaves
  • Colour of the plant
  • Size of the plant leaves

2. Combining Different Plant Materials

When choosing fake plants, don’t hesitate to mix different types together. Using a selection of artificial plants that sit well together will give the appearance that they are meant to be together just like real plants. Creating things such as living walls requires mixing different types of plants together to achieve the best possible look.

3. Where You Position The Plants

Position, Position, Position! Just like anything else, where and how you place the artificial plants is important. Choosing the right position for your plants is everything, think about where the first one goes, how you want them to stand/hang and spacing them out into a sequence. Consider placing hanging baskets at a higher height so the plants have the same visual effect without people being able to tell they are fake. Having plants inside means you can benefit from greenery and flowers in your office without having to worry about taking care of them.

4. Incorporating Into Design

Fake Plant DesignIf you’re considering using plants in your home or business, then think about using them at the initial design stage. Planning them into the initial design will help you to make the most out of the plants and the way in which you use them. From the colour of the plants to the colour of your walls, consider each and every aspects of the design and how they’ll work together.

5. Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is everything and it can make or break your project when it’s done in the wrong way. It’s not just about the plants you choose, it’s about how you use them and where they are placed. Consider the colours you’re using and the colour of the plants to ensure they blend well together. Whether you’re considering using greenery or flowers, take in everything to ensure the attention to detail is perfect. Artificial plants offer the perfect finishing touch for both the inside and outside of your property.


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