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Outdoor Topiary Trees

Have you been searching for beautiful outdoor artificial trees? Are you looking to create a haven of colour through faux trees in your garden? If so, you are in the right place; here at Evergreen Direct, we have specialised in artificial plants and artificial trees for several years, and with over 20 years of experience, we can help you find the right option for your garden. We pride ourselves on having an extensive stock range and a range of shapes and sizes available at all times.

No matter how small or large your space or budget, we will find the perfect planting solution. Whether you are looking for a small starter pot-looking tree or you would like a fully-fledged tree, we have everything you need.

Artificial trees have become a trendy option indoors and outdoors as specific environments are not suitable for living trees to survive. Artificial outdoor trees in recent years have advanced so far that it is difficult to differentiate artificial trees from living trees without touching them.

This is where we have built our expertise as we source the finest artificial outdoor trees from only the most reputable companies worldwide.

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Artificial Topiary Trees from Evergreen Direct are this season's must-have for adding a classic yet contemporary touch to homes, offices, or gardens. Our versatile fake topiary range, including bay and olive trees, makes a striking statement at any entrance, deck, or balcony.

Unlike delicate real topiaries that require extensive care and are sensitive to harsh weather, our replica topiary offers enduring beauty with minimal maintenance. Real topiary trees can be incredibly high maintenance and struggle in the winter weather we get here in the UK, especially the different topiary shapes, but with an artificial plant, your outdoor space will

Leveraging over two decades of expertise in artificial plants, Evergreen Direct ensures each faux topiary tree is of the highest quality and botanical accuracy. Our collection, available in various types, styles, and sizes, guarantees year-round appeal for any setting.

Whether you have specific requirements or want to enhance your space, Evergreen Direct is your go-to source for topiary trees that combine beauty and practicality effortlessly. Whether you display your sculpted tree at the front door or have your pot at the back door, we can provide the foliage for you!


Evergreen Direct's lifelike topiary trees offer an effortless way to achieve a natural-looking garden. Our range of ready-to-use fake topiary trees eliminates the need for preparation and planting, making gardening hassle-free.

Designed for longevity and year-round appeal, our artificial topiaries ensure your outdoor spaces always look in season. We cater to every garden, patio, or exterior area with various topiary options, from leafy greens to statement pieces and small potted varieties.

Customise your outdoor arrangement with our diverse selection of types, colours, and textures, allowing you to create a unique, maintenance-free landscape that suits your style and meets your needs.


Faux-topiary trees are perfect for those places that have limited sunlight or areas where live plants wouldn't be able to survive. As experts in everything artificial oat Evergreen Direct, we should be your first port of call when looking for topiary trees.

The faux and fake topiary trees we supply are of the highest quality; we also aim to ensure that we sell lifelike-looking topiary trees for your outdoor spaces.

All the manufacturing techniques used to create our faux-topiary trees are top-of-the-range, and only quality materials ensure our customers receive authentic products that closely match the real thing.

The range of artificial trees that topiary trees we sell are perfect should you want to decorate and enhance your home or property and be suitable for commercial areas.


At Evergreen Direct, we understand that having a garden full of artificial spiral topiary trees is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your property's landscape looking beautiful all year round.

The spiral topiary trees we provide also come without wasting your money on pesticides, water and precious time. We understand that busy work schedules and daily duties can hinder the appearance and upkeep of gardens and outdoor spaces.

When you choose to fill your garden with artificial spiral topiary trees from Evergreen Direct, we will guarantee quality, and you will also receive a garden that looks and feels fantastic.

Our spiral topiary tree range is botanically accurate, and our team of experts has spent a lot of time fine-tuning the colour and texture of the plants. We have done this by using many shades of colours in the designs to help create a natural finish.

Should you have any questions or queries about the spiral topiary trees we offer, please get in touch with Evergreen Direct today.


The outdoor topiary trees that we supply are all low maintenance and an efficient way to add style to your garden or outdoor area, should it be at the front of your home, in your garden, on your patio, or at your commercial premises, there's no need to choose another artificial outdoor tree company for your outdoor and outside trees.

Our faux outdoor topiary trees are all natural looking and an excellent alternative to the real thing. So when you want to add something special to your property, call on Evergreen today.

We ensure quality and aim to put all of our customer's needs first, ensuring that we provide them with brilliant artificial outdoor topiary trees.


At Evergreen Direct, we provide a wide selection of artificial topiary trees available to purchase online; whether it's for your home or commercial space, you'll find exactly what you're looking for when you choose Evergreen Direct.

We aim to provide faux topiary trees that are 100% botanically accurate and of the highest quality; what's more, we also ensure that our fake topiary trees are priced competitively. So, if you have any questions regarding our products, contact our team of professionals today.


Do you stock artificial outdoor topiary trees?

Yes, if you're looking for ‘artificial topiary trees for outdoors', we've got you covered. Our fake outdoor topiary trees have been produced to the highest standards and are of excellent quality, which means they are suitable for outside use.

What types of topiary trees do you stock?

Our topiary trees are highly realistic faux copies and have been manufactured to the highest standards. Our wealth of knowledge in fake topiary trees means that we provide a range of types, including spiral topiary trees, bay topiary trees, topiary ball trees, and small and large size topiary trees and topiary trees in pots.

Are your artificial topiary trees natural looking?

At Evergreen Direct, our range of artificial topiary trees has been handpicked and individually sourced based on their authenticity.

How long will outdoor artificial topiary trees last for?

This will all depend on the type of topiary trees you choose and where they will be placed. For example, artificial topiary trees placed outside may be affected by weather conditions such as rain and UV rays from the sun.

Why choose Evergreen Direct for artificial topiary trees?

At Evergreen Direct, we are specialists in topiary trees and offer a range of realistic, high-quality artificial topiary tree products; all of our faux topiary trees are life-like and botanically accurate.