Artificial Bamboo Plants

Artificial bamboo has become a very popular option both indoors and outdoors due to many environments not being suitable for living bamboo to survive in the UK. Artificial bamboo has advanced so far that now it is difficult to differentiate artificial bamboo from living bamboo trees without actually touching it!

We have an extensive range of fake bamboo ranging from 2ft to 10ft so if you are looking to create that tropical look we will have the perfect bamboo to fit within your space or budget. Our range of replica bamboo is fully maintenance free and holds it colour and shape all year round.

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  • Artificial Real Stem Bamboo Tree
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Artificial Bamboo Trees

All our artificial bamboo is very realistic and is 100% botanically accurate. If you are struggling to decide which bamboo would be best for you at Evergreen Direct, you have the luxury of a free of charge bespoke design service where we can advise which replica bamboo tree would be best suited to the look and feel you are trying to create.

Despite offering our design service and only using the highest quality foliage we spend a lot of time making sure our prices are highly competitive within the market.  The design and build of your artificial bamboo is all done in house by highly skilled craftsmen to make sure we get the perfect looking bamboo in your home or office. Why not look at our blogs for some great ideas on how to use the artificial bamboo.

Artificial bamboo is a great way to have a fantastic oriental style plant in your home or office, one of the reasons they’re so popular is due to their no maintenance nature. While bamboo looks great, it requires lots of maintenance including feeding, watering and pruning, you’ll also need to keep an eye on them so they can spread outside of their planting space. At Evergreen Direct, the artificial bamboo trees that we provide require no fuss, there’s no need to worry about watering, feeding and pruning, the faux bamboo trees we offer need no care or attention and will look great all year round.

Realistic Bamboo Trees and Plants

At Evergreen Direct we have a bamboo tree for every home, our oriental bamboo trees are beautiful and a great replica of the traditional Chinese bamboo tree. Our natural looking bamboo trees feature delicate stems and leaves, they’re the ideal tree for creating a relaxing environment. All of our bamboo trees are made using highly quality and durable materials, they’ll look fantastic and have a long lifespan.

Large Artificial Bamboo Trees

Large artificial bamboo trees are perfect for those areas in your home or garden that have limited sunlight or places where live plants or trees wouldn’t have a chance at survival. We are experts in everything artificial and at Evergreen Direct we should always be your first choice when in need of artificial and faux bamboo plants and trees. The fake and artificial bamboo trees that we supply are to the highest quality, and when you choose Evergreen Direct, we aim to make sure that we sell only lifelike looking bamboo trees for your property. The production techniques that are used to create our large faux bamboo trees are top of the range and only include quality materials, this is to ensure that our customers are left with truly authentic products that are close match to real bamboo. Our selection of artificial bamboo trees and plants are great should you be looking to redecorate your home or enhance your garden, they are also suitable for use commercial areas, from bars to restaurants, hotels and retail outlets, our faux bamboo will look great, they are a fabulous exterior or interior piece and will be low maintenance and always look brilliant.

Artificial Grass and Bamboo Plant

The real looking artificial grass and bamboo plants that we stock are a brilliant way to provide a natural element to your garden or home, all of our fake grass and bamboo trees are realistic looking and ready to use. Our range of artificial bamboo doesn’t just look great they also provide hassle free gardening, at Evergreen Direct when you purchase your artificial bamboo trees from us we will ensure that they last the test of time and will look good all year round. Your home, garden or exterior area will always be in season, no matter what time of year it is. What’s more is the collection of artificial bamboo plants and trees that we stock cover a product suitable for every garden or property. Our products mean that you can also mix and match your artificial bamboo trees and plant products, from bold statement pieces to small potted bamboo we have got you covered. Our bamboo pants come in many types, colours and textures, allowing you to create something special, whether its an outdoor arrangement or something that fits in with your interior style.

Artificial Bamboo Trees for Sale

A main reason why our selection of artificial bamboo trees is so popular is because the products that we supply are all maintenance free, you don’t need to water them or choose a space for them where they will benefit from sunlight, our bamboo plants will look great all year round. Our artificial faux bamboo trees have also been made to be able to withstand moisture, so if there are any changes in the weather or the temperature, they won’t be affected and their look will stay intact. What’s more is our artificial bamboo options don’t come with potential allergic reactions for your family, customers or colleagues, which can be a problem with real life plants. Should you be thinking about purchasing artificial bamboo plants, check our Evergreen Direct today, we are home to a large collection of bamboo that comes in different styles, types and colours. Should you be looking for something bold and eye-catching or bamboo that's leafy and calming, simply take a look at our selection online today. When you choose Evergreen Direct you’ll be able to find a bamboo plant that fits in with all of your requirements.

Tall Artificial Bamboo Tree

Artificial bamboo is becoming more and more popular, especially tall artificial bamboo trees and plants. With many options available you can find something to suit a range of outdoor spaces and interior areas. There’s no need to take on real bamboo, it can be high maintenance and very time consuming to look after, at Evergreen Direct we offer many bamboo plants and trees that are available online and are top quality.

Artificial Bamboo Plants for Sale

The Evergreen Direct team are well known for the artificial bamboo plants that they have for sale, the products we supply include artificial bamboo trees and plants that are all realistically designed and are 100% botanically accurate. What’s more is we spend time ensuring that the artificial bamboo trees and plants that we stock are realistic and have been manufactured to the highest standards, the materials that we use also ensure a long lasting life. We stock a large selection of bamboo trees to suit every interior or exterior style, from something plain to more tropical, our faux bamboo plants and trees are perfect for you.

Artificial Bamboo Plants and Trees Online

Our selection of artificial bamboo plants and trees is available online, whatever it is you’re looking for, our extensive range covers a range of products. We also include some of the most popular types of bamboo products in our collection, they have all been recreated in artificial form and are highly realistics. Growing a bamboo plant or tree in the UK climate isn’t easy as they will require high temperatures, so why not consider a fake option. Our faux bamboo trees and plants will only need to be taken out of the box and can then displayed in your home, exterior areas or premises.

For Artificial Bamboo Plants, Check Out Evergreen Direct Today

At Evergreen Direct our selection of artificial bamboo plants and trees are all produced to the highest standards and use quality materials and a through process. This is to ensure that they look great all year round and will last the test of time. For more information on our artificial bamboo products or to view the plans and trees that we stock, check out our website today.


Where to buy faux bamboo trees and plants?

Should you be looking to buy fake bamboo plants and trees, the professionals at Evergreen Direct can always be on hand to help, we’re known for the great artificial bamboo trees and plants that we offer. We stock a large collection of fake bamboo plants including trees and other products. Our range is of the best quality and is highly durable, so they can be placed indoors or outdoors. What's more is, our bamboo plants and trees will need little maintenance. With all this in mind, you can trust that your artificial bamboo is going to look good all year round. For more information on the fake bamboo trees and plants that we offer, please get in touch with our professional team today.

Do your artificial bamboo trees and plants look realistic?

Yes of course they do, at Evergreen Direct we pride ourselves on the excellent range of botanically accurate products that we provide. When it comes to the selection of artificial bamboo plants and trees that we stock, they’ve all been hand pricked and are sourced to the highest standards, this is to ensure their visual appeal. At Evergreen Direct we guarantee that our range of faux artificial bamboo trees and plants are all 100% botanically accurate and will enhance your property, whether it's your home or business premises. Make sure that you choose Evergreen Direct for artificial bamboo plants and trees, you’ll receive fake bamboo that doesn't just look like the real thing, but will feel like it too.

How long do artificial bamboo plants and trees last for?

This all depends on the type of artificial bamboo tree and plant that you choose, this will always be determined by the area where you are going to place the bamboo plant or tree. Artificial bamboo trees and plants that have been placed outdoors may not last as long as ones that are kept indoors, (this is due to weather conditions affecting them, such as the rain and the sun. How often artificial bamboo products are maintained, cared for and cleaned will also affect their lasting ability. By choosing Evergreen Direct for your new bamboo plant or tree, we will ensure that you receive a product that has been created to the best quality and will last a long time.

What types of artificial bamboo do you stock?

At Evergreen Direct, we have been supplying our artificial products for well over 20 years and are extremely experienced when it comes to artificial bamboo including trees and plants. All of the bamboo products that we stock are realistic faux versions and have been created to the highest standards. Our skilled team are well versed in fake bamboo plants and trees meaning that we offer a selection of styles, this includes large and tall bamboo trees, bamboo and grass plants and bamboo plants for outdoors and indoors. When you select Evergreen Direct for artificial bamboo, rest assured that you’re in the right place, all of our bamboo trees and plants have been hand picked to the best standards. View our large range of products online today.

Why choose Evergreen Direct for artificial bamboo trees and plants?

At Evergreen Direct we are experts in artificial bamboo plants and trees and provide a realistic collection of high quality artificial bamboo products. All of our faux bamboo is life-like and botanically correct. We have been providing artificial bamboo trees and plants in the UK for many years and we;re known for the excellent quality artificial bamboo products that we offer for both outside and indoor areas. All of our bamboo trees and plants have been produced to the best standards so that they are durable and last the test of time. As well as great products, we also guarantee exceptional customer service, for more information on our artificial bamboo plants, feel free to contact our friendly team today.