The psychology of bringing green artificial plants into the home

The colour Green is a dominant colour in nature which represents natural settings. Green is regarded as the most restful and relaxing colour for the human eye and symbolises harmony, tranquillity, and peace. It creates a sense of calmness within a room, which is why it is becoming an ever-popular colour to use in indoor environments in homes and offices. Now we don’t have the money to carry out expensive interior redesigns artificial plants act as the perfect way accommodate green colour throughout your home.

Big Vs Small

So, do you go bold and large with trees such as the gorgeous Fiddle Leaf? These have a reputation for being tricky to keep alive, so going artificial is the way forward. The Fiddle leaf has a real presence and can take unloved and unused corners of a room and give them impact. Due to the simplicity of the plant, it can be used in contemporary designs, modern or rustic and is completely versatile depending on what planter you choose. Along with a lot of our indoor fake trees, such as our Tuscan Olive tree, and artificial Ficus tree


Do you go subtle and small with Artificial Grass Plants, faux ferns or luscious Lemon plants? By placing several smaller plants throughout the room at different heights, such a coffee tables, shelves or mantle pieces, you can create a relaxing feel. Choosing various sizes and mixing trailing with grasses can be a great way to add impact, especially when grouped together.

Evergreens Green Wall is a simple way to make a huge impact, or if you are looking for something smaller the use of smaller potted plants dotted around can make a subtle but impacting benefit.

Either way you choose you can be assured that adding a sense of greenery in your home is always a good choice, especially when they are artificial meaning No Maintenance, No Dying, No Allergies, all the fun colour and design impact

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