Its all about the Planter

Ok so you have found the artificial tree or artificial plant that you want – now here are all the questions: What planter to use?

What height do I want?

How to pot it?

We do have a wonderful range of artificial desk top plants that are already potted, but if you are wanting to create a more bespoke tailored look take a look at how below ideal for smaller plants to dot around the home.

  1. Pick your planter
  2. Using florist oasis cut to the size of the pot and insert – (if you have a big pot bulk up the bottom then top with the oasis)
  3. Stick in your plant – all our artificial plants handily come with stems that have grips keeping it secure
  4. Top oasis with decoration

So now you know how- lets look at the options

Large Cubico Planters are great for a timeless look that creates drama due to its size. Ideal for artificial plants such as Artificial Sansevieria Mother in Laws Tongue Plant-No Planter looks amazing when potted in a pot that is big and dramatic creating a unique feature in any room.

Now these two planters, the Estate Planter Square L35cm Black/Chalk and Somerville Planter H35cm White are more of an outdoor look but when placed in a room it helps create a rustic. Both of these pair perfectly with artificial trees such as Artificial Eucalyptus Tree, Artificial Apple Blossom Tree, or Artificial Interior Mini Variegated Ficus Tree.

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