How to Transform Your Home With Interior Artificial Trees

With the snowdrops in bloom, the crocuses popping through and sticky buds beginning to show, it is a exciting to see the start of spring. With this in mind, many of us are starting to reflect this spring like feel in the home. At Evergreen Direct we are busy building artificial trees for customers interiors to give them the ultimate spring-like feel. When buying real interior trees  you want to make sure they are blooming and looking healthy at all times, with this the tree continues to grow until ultimately the tree will exceed the perfect size and shape for you space. With artificial trees we are able to build an artificial tree that is built to the perfect size and shape that fits your space.

This Artificial ficus tree is the only form of decoration in this kitchen and gives it a gorgeous wow factor

 Create a canopy over your living space

Fill empty corners with an ornamental artificial trees such as our artificial maple tree

The all year round wonderful summer house with trees galore!

If you are looking to purchase artificial trees of this of this sort then have a browse through our artificial trees gallery to get some ideas of a style, measure up your space and get in touch to discuss the look and feel you would like us to create.


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