How to mantelscape after the Christmas decorations are gone

We have you sorted with your doorscaping and tablescaping, now we are here to help you with your mantelscaping to make it Instagram and Pintrest worthy.

The mantel is a key part of the living room and it can be difficult to keep it looking good all year round. Artificial plants are an easy way to add some life to your mantle while also adding a pop of colour.

Now that the Christmas decorations and cards are down are you left feeling like your mantle looks a bit sorry for itself. With so added greenery from carefully placed artificial plants you can add some brightness and life back into the room- without the burden of actually trying to keep it alive and bright so always a winner.

Now we get into the deep psyche of what method of you use?

–              Symmetry V Non- Symmetry

–              Bold and Central

–              Lots of little


–              Odd ones

Create a Focal point – Using a main focus point as an anchor such as a mirror, picture or even the TV. This will then form the base of the design and should be balancing object in terms of size.Then add width either side, they do not need to be identical but they should be the same in terms of size, height and volume. If you are wanting a more asymmetrical look you need to vary the height of your chosen plants to avoid horizontal symmetry.

Create a Triangle– Using your focal point as the tallest point you then add width left and right creating a flow that your eye can glance over.

Scale – be sure not to over power the mantelplace and create a cohesive design that flows

Decisions, decisions decisions. Well we can help you out there – we have a huge range of artificial plants and foliage from tall and bold Artificial Premium Cherry Blossom Stem that look stunning in vases on the mantelpiece and can be uses as a pair either side or a single bold piece with it flowers that are full and bright.  Now if you are wanting a softer approach something trailing like our Artificial Trailing Zebrina Plant or something bold like Artificial Trailing Philo Ivy both of these add texture and variety to a usually harsh uniform shaped focal point in your room.

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