How To Decorate A Christmas Wreath

One of the most magical seasons is upon us, December is within reaching distance, and we are sure Wham has been playing on the radio; it is time for Christmas! One of the best things about Christmas is decorating your home with all the festive cheer, it can be quite a challenge to find the best things to decorate your home with, but here at Evergreen, we have specialised in artificial plants and flowers for several years, including festive options! 

One of the best places to decorate during the festive period is your front door; it welcomes carol singers and visitors to your home with a glimpse of what is to come; you can make it as festive or traditional as you want to. During the article, we will help you learn the best ways to decorate a Christmas wreath for your front door using artificial plants.

Read on for inspiration and guidance in creating a stunning Christmas wreath; if you have any questions or queries, we are always happy to help you in any way we can. Be sure to speak to our team. There is nothing more magical than finding some festive fun, and one of the best ways to do it is by having a family or friend wreath-making night. 

Why Put A Wreath On Your Door At Christmas? 

When Christmas arrives, every year, we see hundreds of wreaths appear on front doors, but have you ever wondered why they are a craze every year? Well, there is a simple answer to this: the Christmas or festive wreath is hung on the front door, a window or even from a porch to symbolise Christmas spirit and cheer; it is an invitation to bring Christmas into the home. A home that has a wreath hung on the door is a home that provides Christmas warmth and festive cheer. 

Some homes do not celebrate Christmas or wish to partake in the festivities, but a home that proudly displays a wreath is outwardly saying they believe in the Christmas magic! 

This tradition has evolved for hundreds of years, originating in the early 16th century; the word ‘writhen’ means to twist and intertwine, which is precisely what a wreath does. The wreath’s circular shape offers a symbol that there is no beginning and no end; eternity exists. 

Traditionally, evergreens are used to create a wreath because most other plants and trees have died off during the winter, but these trees stand tall and green all year round, offering the perfect foraging option for your wreath. Making a wreath with evergreen plants symbolises the growth and development in nature and the continuity to survive; it represents our world. 

You could spend hours and hours trawling the internet for all of the reasons why we put a wreath on our doors at Christmas, but in the modern world, it symbolises the start of the festive period and welcomes festive cheer into your home. 

Let’s dive into how we make one of these festive wreaths. 

Things You Will Need

  • X1 artificial wreath – we have either the Buxus or the Ivy wreath to choose from. 
  • X1 string of lights, we would always recommend using battery-operated lights as these are easy to switch on and off. Not only that, but it removes the need for wires to be plugged in or trailing along the floor. 
  • Christmas decorations; baubles, beads, bows, tinsel, anything like that. 
  • Gardening wire; this will be used to attach your decorations
  • Gardening gloves to keep yourself safe 
  • Scissors. 
  • Wreath hanger 
  • Ribbon
  • Fresh plant cuttings (Optional) 
  • Dried fruits and cinnamon sticks (Optional) 

How To Make Your Festive Wreath 

Step One 

Once your artificial wreath has arrived, you need to start by removing it from the packaging and laying it out flat on a table; it is more than likely that the wreath will be all squashed and closed up, and you will need to ‘fluff’ the branches and foliage. 

Once you have got the wreath to the exact shape you would like, all you need to do is take your lights and wrap them around the wreath in any way you would like to; we would recommend wrapping them around, but not too tight. Once you have finished intertwining the lights, you need to try and tuck the battery pack behind the wreath so it is not seen from the front. 

Step Two 

Organise your decorations and lay them all on the table so you can see what you have bought; once you have done that, start placing the decorations on your wreath. To do this, you can use any pattern or design you like. Moving things around and looking at how you can decorate your wreath will help you find gaps or empty spaces. 

Remember, when you hang your wreath, the decorations will move, so consider this when planning your wreath. 

Step Three

Once you have planned exactly where your decorations will be, you will then use the garden wire to fasten each decoration to the wreath securely; you can even use the wire to attach any natural foliage you have found, such as Ivy or Holly. You can hang any baubles with their original attachments, but gardening wire can help secure them safely. 

Use the gardening wire sparingly, but ensure everything is fastened down securely; this will ensure everything stays on during the wintery weather. 

Step Four 

Once everything is in place and secure, your wreath is complete! It is now ready to hand on your front door or anywhere else inside your home should you wish, all you need is the wreath hanger, and you are ready to do the honours! 

If you are hanging your wreath somewhere other than a door frame, you can use the scissors and garden wire to create a loop that can be attached to the back of your wreath; this can then be hung on a nail or any other attachment you have. 

Contact Evergreen Direct For Your Wreath Needs 

​​Wreaths are one of the most popular Christmas decorations used to decorate homes across the country. They can be simple or intricate, and there are many ways to make them your own. If you’re looking for a wreath-making tutorial, there are hundreds across the web, but we have provided our quick and easy step-by-step guide above. 

And if you don’t want to make your wreath, no problem! We have plenty of beautiful pre-made wreaths in our online store. Contact us today to order your perfect Christmas wreath. 

From our team here at Evergreen, we would like to wish you a happy festive period and a Merry Christmas! 

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