How to Build an Artificial Tree

How to build an Artificial Tree

Evergreen direct harvest natural stems from a sustainable local area of forestry.

The stems harvested are carefully selected to suit the species of tree we are building. The stems are pruned and cut to the desired shape and height to form the framework of the artificial tree.

The stems are then set using casting plaster into a planter. These can be potted into a more decorative planter if required but all of our hand built trees come free of charge in a travel planter. The travel planter allows your trees to be ready to display the moment it arrives and also allows you to stand in a more decorative planter you already own if desired.

Small holes are then drilled into the stem in the position that foliage would need to be added. The bushier and more dense we want the tree to look the closer we drill the holes. It is often more effective to begin with a smaller amount of foliage and add to this once the shape of the tree begins to form.

The foliage species is then selected. At Evergreen direct we use top quality foliage which is made from a mix of fine silk and polyester. Foliage sprays are pruned to shape and inserted into the stems using pliers.

This Process is repeated until the shape of the tree begins to take shape. At this stage more holes are drilled in sections that need extra foliage coverage.

Eventually the tree will begin to take shape and look like a stunning, very realistic tree!

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