How To Bring Nature Inside Your Home This Winter

Over the last couple of years, we have all found a new love and appreciation for nature and the outdoors. During the lockdown, we were all restricted in what we could do and where we could go. One of the only things we could do was get outside for a walk and an adventure in nature, but slowly we are returning to not enjoying nature. The nights are getting dark very quickly, and we are finding that the time spent outdoors is reducing, as it always does during the winter. 

But how can we enjoy nature throughout the winter without subjecting ourselves to harsh weather and cold nights? Well, what about furnishing your home with artificial plants and flowers? Whether you want to add a pop of colour to your home this winter or keep the connection to nature as long as possible, artificial plants and flowers are great for sprucing up your home. 

Our team here at Evergreen Direct Ltd have provided clients across the UK with artificial flowers and plants for several years; during this time, we have helped people stay connected to nature, even during the dark winter months. To learn more about bringing nature inside your home this winter, keep reading or get in touch if you need our help! 

Flowers, Surround yourself With Them!

Buying fresh-cut flowers every week can be costly; with the current cost of living crisis, we understand that people may not want to be having that as an expense, but with artificial flowers, you only need to buy once. 

If you choose to buy artificial flowers, you are saving yourself money in the long run; not only that, but they will bring that pop of colour that is much needed during the winter. Another great thing about them is you don’t need to do anything to keep them alive! 

Artificial flowers are an excellent option for during the winter; it also means you can enjoy the colours and shapes of spring without paying for unnecessarily imported flowers; keeping nature protected is essential so we can continue to enjoy it in the warmer months. 

One of the best ways to use artificial flowers in your home during winter is to have a selection, this way, you can happily rotate them over the winter months, so you always have a fresh look in your home. 

Utilise Your Kitchen This Winter 

We spend a significant amount of time in our kitchens, increasing during the winter as we cook hearty and wholesome meals. Have you considered adding a pop of colour to your kitchen to enjoy during the winter? One of the best solutions we can provide you with is artificial herbs!

Simply placed along your windowsill, you can bring nature indoors with a handful of herbs and spices; it can be a real interior design moment! It is hard enough to keep herbs alive during the spring, let alone throughout winter, but they provide what can be quite a cold room with a bit of warmth, so creating an artificial herb garden is a great way to bring some greenery into your kitchen. 

The best way to do this would be to choose the artificial herbs you want in your kitchens, such as Basil, Thyme, Mint or any others you can think of, and then choose a planter to suit your interior design. You can choose from a range of planters, wicker baskets and anything else you might want to store them in because you do not need to water them. Therefore the worry of leaking pots is removed. 

If you are not a fan of herbs, try artificial lavender, it offers the same aesthetic without being a herb. You can add decorative trees to your kitchen, such as a stunning lemon tree!

Kitchen artificial plants

Transform Your Home Into A Jungle This Winter

One of the most significant benefits that artificial plants, trees and flowers have to offer is that you are not subjected to the horrors of trying to keep them alive! This means you can have any tree or plant you want because it does not require any maintenance; for example, you can have a palm tree, which will always be perfect! 

When winter comes, you can feel your mood lifted, and your home will look fresh by bringing a range of artificial trees and plants into the space; you can add them into every single room of your home. Passageways are grand for big trees, where your bedroom would benefit from some little desk plants. 

When it comes to artificial plants, you can choose where they go in your home; they don’t require sunlight or watering, so it does not matter; it all comes down to personal preference and design ideas.

Choose Evergreen Direct Ltd For Artificial Plants & Flowers

If you want to brighten your home this winter, consider bringing nature inside with artificial plants and flowers. It can be challenging to feel at one with nature over the winter, and during the dark winter months, having that extra pop of colour around your home can make a difference to how you feel and brighten up your home. 

Contact Evergreen Direct Ltd today to get started! We have a wide variety of plants and flowers to choose from, so you can find the perfect addition to your home décor. 

With our high-quality products and customer service that is second to none, you won’t be disappointed when you choose Evergreen Direct Ltd.

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