How About Bringing Some of the Outside in With a Botanical Bathroom?

We have plants in the kitchen, living room, dining room and even in bedrooms so why not have plants in bathrooms too? Whether it be a single Boston fern plant, trailing ivy or even a palm tree, having plants in your bathroom can create an environment leaving you feeling fresh and relaxed. Plants also add a splash of colour to your white bathroom suites and can spruce up the room without much effort at all. Plants are also great at promoting stress relief, creating a tranquil healthy environment that has good Feng shui. Find a similar artificial product to the photo below here  3ft Grass Plant.


Green Wall foliage is a creative and modern way to use plants in a stylish bathroom. Get that tropical holiday feeling with our Artificial Paradise green wall foliage. See below photo 1 our green wall in one of our clients bathrooms, pieced together with a tree stump to finish the look. Get this look here with our artificial wall panels


Trees can stand elegantly in any corner of any room. The statuesque palm tree or a fat leaf mango tree will compliment any bathroom perfectly. Get a similar artificial product here:

Hanging Plants have a contemporary flare about them and are another great way to incorporate plants without losing any space. Get a similar product here:

Potted Plants can be charming and colourful accessories in your bathroom. Orchids poised beautifully on a washstand or bath can add that sometimes much-needed accent of colour. The popular fern plant also looks great on a pedestal creating different heights within the room. Get a similar artificial plant here:

Unpotted flowers can also be a quick and easy way to brighten up your bathroom. Why not try a beautiful lavender plant in a decorative jug? See a similar artificial product here