Flowering arranging hack

Make your real flowers go further by using alongside artificial flowers

You can really boost your display of fresh flowers and give a longer life to your arrangement. Using faux foliage adds a sense of strength to the arrangement as well as added texture. Also, as our stems are plastic they can happily stand in the water with the real flowers.

Such examples that are really impressive are:

How to display

  • Start by using the artificial plants to create a criss-cross structure- this will make a strong base to the slot your real flowers into.
  • Once you have created this you can start to slot in the real flowers between making a dome like structure
  • Once you have your bulk created for your arrangement full any space with filler flowers.

The fresh flowers can then be removed and replaced as and when needed, keeping your arrangement looking fresh.

You can let your imagination run wild with your ideas, if you have a floor standing pot you can create a taller structure using tree foliage with flowers dotted in around softening the look.

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