Boxwood is a Brides Best Friend

It’s your big day and everything is under control, button holes- check, venue- check, but have you considered the benefits of adding artificial trees and plants to your wedding venue or reception? As the experts at Evergreen, the market leaders in artificial plants and trees outline, the latest generation of brides are seeking out the very latest dazzling topiary to add a classic and subtle taste of individuality to their big day.

 Graham Knights, the designer at Evergreen Direct, who creates displays  artificial treesfake plants and artificial hanging baskets said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder which is why at Evergreen Direct we provide a complementary design service so we can design the perfect planting solution for your ceremony. The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton has been a springboard for the concept of trees playing a part in the decoration at wedding ceremonies. At the royal wedding there were birch tree lining the aisle which made a beautiful individual statement. The additional bonus with opting for artificial trees at you wedding is that you can eliminate the chance of the tree dying which leaves you with a memento you can keep forever, that was a part of your wedding day”.

 Particular wedding favorites this season are products in our topiary range including, bay treesboxwood balls, and privet topiary trees. Topiary has become so popular that recently we have even been asked to design a topiary wedding cake! Our topiary products lend themselves very well to being customized to you color scheme using decorative ribbons and floral.

As the marketing manager at Evergreen my eyes are always peeled for features in the media around wedding and events. For the ultimate wow factor decorations need to be bespoke, customized or personalized for this reason our hottest product of the season are our artificial boxwood letters , this creates the look of a hedge that has been manicured into your new family name or initials. These are perfect props for wedding photography shoots or a show stopping wedding gift.

For a more rustic wedding style, birch stems smothered in twinkly lights cannot be beaten. The subtle style lends itself well to to many wedding themes and adds the ultimate fairy tale sparkle. At Evergreen Direct requests for birch stems are coming in thick and fast, whatever your color theme let us know and we can spray them for you accordingly… my favorite is when they are sprayed white with lots of fairy lights!

At Evergreen Direct there we have 20 years of experience in the artificial planting industry. We share the knowledge by offering  a complementary design service to ensure the plants we provide suit your space and style, giving then impression the trees have naturally grown into the space you are sitting them and give you lasting happy memories.

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