Artificial Plants & Interior Design

Have you noticed that the amount of artificial plants on the market has grown significantly over several years? Are you interested in finding out how artificial plants and interior design can go hand in hand? Are you looking for greener options for your home that require very little maintenance? If so, you have come to the right place, specialising in selling artificial plants; our team at Evergreen Direct has put together this blog to help showcase why we believe artificial plants and your interior design can go hand in hand. 

The reasons for choosing artificial plants are far too long for us to go into each one individually, but we promise that they are worth it every single time! Adding artificial plants to your home can instantly make a space feel more inviting and welcoming; not only that, but they add a pop of colour and can be used to cover up wires or plugs that you want to be hidden from view. Not only are they beautiful, but they are practical! 

Having provided artificial plants to customers and homeowners up and down the country for several years, we know everything there is to know about them; let our team help by offering you guidance on using artificial plants within your interior design plans.

Do You Know How to Decorate With Artificial Plants?

Artificial plants are an excellent option for homeowners who like to live stress-free lives; they are perfect for forgetful people who don’t have time to keep natural plants alive. But did you know decorating with artificial plants does not need to be complicated? It is straightforward and achievable for a wide range of homeowners!

Utilise Windows & Natural Lighting

It is a known fact that real-life plants need natural lighting to thrive, grow and look impressive within your home, but artificial plants don’t require the same level of care; we would always suggest placing your fake plants and flowers indirect light. We suggest doing this because it will make your artificial plants look real. 

Using the natural lighting that floods through the windows in your home, your fake plants will look natural, and anyone visiting your home will think they are natural plants that you have, thriving and growing every day.

You can Mix and Match Real and Fake Plants.

If you have the time to mix and match your artificial plants with real flowers or greenery, you can elevate your home displays to the next level. These arrangements look visually stunning, but they will also add texture and depth to your plants. The most significant piece of advice we can give you when you decide to combine artificial plants and real flowers is the that stems will work differently; for example, real flowers will naturally wilt and curve at the stem, but your artificial flowers won’t do this, make sure you bend and manipulate your fake plants, so they do not stand out. 

Another tip is that if you are using natural plants, you will need to fill your vase or jar with water; the best thing to do is cut the ends of the fake plants to remove the little wire stopper, meaning it will blend in easier.

You Can Use Artificial Plants Outside

Another great way to help liven up the space you have in your home is by decorating the garden with artificial plants now; this might sound strange because you can have natural plants outside, but if you don’t have time to care for the plants, then you are best off choosing artificial plants. 

Putting a few artificial trees or large artificial plants on your patio area can transform the space into a haven that you can enjoy during the summer, whether during the day with friends and family members or on an evening with a glass of wine.

Have You Considered Using Real Soil?

One of the best ways to use artificial plants as part of your home decor and interior design is to make them as realistic as possible; you can do this by using real plant pots, realistic-looking artificial plants and more. The best way to make your plants look real is by adding soil or compost to the top of your pot. 

Whether you have small shelf-sitting fake plants or large artificial trees, adding some soil to the top gives the illusion that the plant is natural. And remember, even with actual soil added to the top, the best thing about artificial plants is that there is no watering! 

Keeping Your Decor Simple With Fake Plants

Know we understand that every home has been designed and decorated in a different style; some people love bright, vibrant colours, and others prefer to have a more streamlined and straightforward approach to design; this is the one we would suggest when it comes to artificial plants. 

One of the best ways to decorate using fake plants and flowers is by keeping it simple; having an extensive collection of artificial plants makes them much more prominent than they are fake. However, one or two options won’t draw too much attention other than adding some greenery to the room; another top tip is to avoid using two fake plants next to each other; this will again draw attention to the fake they aren’t real.

Choose Evergreen For Artificial Plants Today

If you’re looking for a way to add some life to your interior design, artificial plants may be the perfect solution. They provide greenery and visual interest, but they can also improve the atmosphere in any room in your home, giving a welcoming feeling and helping with relaxation. Having sold artificial plants for several years, we are confident that we can help you transform your home into a haven of plants and trees you will love. 

At Evergreen Direct Ltd, we carry a wide variety of artificial plants perfect for any space. Contact us today to learn more about our selection or place an order. We look forward to helping you bring your vision to life! You can even order your artificial dream plants online today for UK delivery.

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