Artificial Plants For The Workplace

Workplace plant

Artificial indoor plants can transform your office into a haven of tranquillity, brightening up your workspace on even the dullest of days. Over the years, the appearance of artificial plants has dramatically improved, with some now being so botanically correct that it’s often difficult to tell whether they’re real or fake. Aesthetically pleasing, they require little maintenance, making them the perfect choice for a busy office environment – because, let’s face it, no one wants to end up with a sad plant cemetery at the end of the working week! 

Why choose artificial office plants?

It’s proven that even the appearance of plants can help to elevate your mood and increase productivity, so we’ve rounded up our top five favourite artificial office plants to help you choose the right options for your workspace and the benefits that you can expect to reap from them as a result!

Artificial office plant

Before we delve into our perfect office plant picks, let’s look a little bit more at why artificial indoor plants are a foolproof choice for your workplace;-

  • Endless options of plant species 

When choosing real plants for your home or commercial office, your choices may be limited by the amount of light available and the temperature and humidity of your working conditions. Most real tropical blooms require an atmosphere that can’t always be created in a normal office environment, but by choosing artificial varieties, you’ll benefit from being able to pick the type of plant you want at the height and width of your choice.

  • More cost-effective

Although artificial plants can sometimes have a more expensive initial upfront cost, they require much less maintenance long-term. Most real plants are cheap to buy, but with constant watering, feeding, draining and sometimes repotting, they can lead to much greater costs further down the line. If you want a no mess, no fuss option that’s just as nice to look at, choose artificial indoor plants every time.

  • Little to no maintenance

Artificial plants require such minimal maintenance that they can pretty much be left to their own devices. No pruning or watering is required, just an occasional dust and a reposition to prevent their leaves from fading, and your artificial office plants should last you a lifetime. 

  • A safe choice for people with allergies

If you’re in a crowded office, there’s a good chance that one or a number of your colleagues will suffer from plant-related allergies (not to mention that some plants can be poisonous to both pets and children). Remove the pollen-related risks by choosing artificial office plants and keep the whole team happy!

What plants are good for the office?

Whether you want an all-green aesthetic or you prefer an office space in full bloom, we’ve rounded up the best of our artificial plants to match your dream office look. From perfect evergreen trees to colourful grass plants, prepare to transform your workspace into a world of colour!

1 Ficus Benjamin

Ficus Benjamin

A stunning addition to any office space, a Ficus tree, also known as a weeping fig, is the perfect choice for anyone that loves a green aesthetic! Our variegated ficus trees would transform any nook or unused corner of your office. With 100% botanically accurate leaves, this beautiful ornamental piece is the perfect, low-maintenance mood booster. As real Ficus trees are notoriously difficult to keep alive, our stunning artificial varieties bring all of the beauty without any effort and a guaranteed long-lasting look.

2 Monstera

Artificial monstera

Native to central America, Monsteras, also known as Swiss cheese plants, are tropical plants known for their stunning and clever cutaway leaves that enable them to withstand heavy rainfall and wind. Our Artificial Monstera plants make the perfect desk plants with their lush green foliage and gorgeous cutaway leaf structure. A real show-stopper, add one to the corner of your desk to transform your workspace into a mini-jungle.

3 Faux lemon tree

Faux lemon tree

Create a taste of the Mediterranean a little bit closer to home by adding a luscious lemon tree to your workspace. Adding a bright splash of colour to even the darkest offices, you’ll feel instantly brighter by admiring the tree’s lemon crop every day, without having to worry about it having to be positioned in the sunlight. Add some artificial lemon trees to your coffee area and transport your staff to Sicily whilst they take a break from the task at hand. The perfect mood-elevator, why not add some artificial lemon plants to your desk too and bring some sunshine indoors.

4 Grass plants

Grass plants can be a great way to add a pop of colour to your office or enhance an existing colour scheme in your workspace. A great choice for more limited office space, they look good on their own or potted beside other artificial plants as a filler. If you’re looking for a feature plant, foxtail grass brings both colour and texture to your work area. Palm grass in a variety of shades and colours makes for another stunning office addition, working perfectly on desks, windowsills or used to add a relaxing ambience to your outdoor space.

5 Flowering plants

If you love flowering plants but don’t always remember to water them, flowering artificial indoor plants are the perfect choice for you! Choose the most perfect blooms from Hydrangeas to Orchids, without having to worry about wilting petals. A great way to add instant colour to your desk spaces, their summer bright petals will be an instant mood booster on even the darkest of winter days. 

Do fake plants improve mood?

Although they can’t clean the air in the same way that real plants do, artificial office plants can still improve your well-being, helping to assist with focus, motivation and productivity. Adding bold pops of colour and lush green leaves to the workplace, they offer the same mood-boosting properties that real plants do. With all of these benefits and with minimum fuss, artificial indoor plants are a safe bet for a busy office that’s in need of some perfect plantlife. From fabulous flowering plants to amazing artificial plants, explore our full range at Evergreen Direct and get ready to create your perfect office jungle!

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