Artificial Planting Biophilic design

If you are looking to add colour and texture to the work space and office environment then using plants and trees is an excellent way to achieve this. Additionally, not forgetting the added bonus that research has found that by adding plants, trees and nature into the workplace employee’s well being is positively affected. Using a biophilic design approach within your office settings is a way of creating a more natural environment creating less hard surfaces and offsetting the digital setting we are surrounded by. Noise can often be a problem in open-plan offices, but strategically placed plants help to quieten down a space because their leaves, stems and branches absorb, deflect and refract sound.

Often the environment and dynamics of the office mean that the place where you would like to brighten up and improve are more often the areas where plants can’t thrive. This is where artificial plants come into their own in terms of versatility, they are able to transform dark corners, ceilings and also walls where real plants could not, that added with the benefit of not needing the high maintenance of real flowers, or the restrictions of what plants are available due to climate demands. 

Vertical walls, trees and also ceiling clouds made from artificial flowers are just some of the endless possibilities in which you can add greenery, texture and nature into the workplace. For example using Urban Jungle Green Wall as a feature is dramatic and beautiful, whilst simple desk plants like the mini lemon tree or olive tree are great ways to add snippets of greenery into the workspace.

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