Artificial Christmas Plants

Versatility, durability and recyclability are just three reasons you might go down the route of artificial Christmas plants. The centrepiece of most homes in the festive period is the time-honoured, traditional Christmas tree. With artificial Christmas trees looking more and more realistic as the years go by, there’s no reason not to partake.

If you’re a lover of greenery, you may still want to add some extra flourishes around your home. Adding some extra greenery can be easily achieved by adding a couple of faux flourishes. 

Picking the right artificial Christmas plants can be a bit tricky. Here we’ll offer some solutions for adding to the festive atmosphere in your living space. 

Are there particular Christmas plants?

You might be wondering whether the season of goodwill has particular foliage and flowers to match. Your curiosity is not as misplaced as you might think. Alongside a well-selected artificial Christmas tree, there are several plants also associated with Noel, which will give your decor a cheery, warm lift.


Christmas holly plant

Holly is prominent, recognisable and enduring amongst the festive botanicals. In Celtic folklore, Holly symbolised peace and goodwill, and given that these are the principles underpinning Christmas, the association is easy to make. 

Holly wreaths are sometimes hung from doors, which alludes to another ancient folkloric symbolism. Holly was said to possess protective qualities, and thresholds or portals were the places where people and bad luck entered.


Christmas Poinsettia plant

One of the most straightforward and readily available ways to cultivate that festive atmosphere with artificial plants is to lean into those lively colour combinations. One of the most standout Christmas colour combinations is red and green. Like Holly, there is another iconic red and green plant that is associated with the festive period. 

The Poinsettia is a Christmas plant that originates in Mexico and whose Spanish name translates to ‘flower of the holy night’. The Poinsettia is commonly alluded to as the Christmas star due to its distinctively-shaped leaves. 

The bold red and green colouration of the Poinsettia is what sets it apart from other flora, and opting for an artificial Poinsettia would mean you could begin your Christmas decor year after year.


Mistletoe plant

The delicate paleness of the Christmas mistletoe betrays the weight of its history. The mistletoe is another plant with folkloric and legendary roots. For the Romans, Mistletoe signified peace; for the Greeks, it was fertility, and in Nordic myth, it represents love.

All of these traditions contribute to our current Christmas custom of kissing under the mistletoe – a sign to our loved ones of the peace they bring to our lives. 

Artificial Christmas plants 

In some cases, opting for some alternative artificial plants will help in achieving that festive spirit. From fake foliage to artificial florals, here are just a few ideas for sprucing up your home this advent time. 

Fake foliage

Some of the most enchanting (and convincing!) ideas for giving your space a Christmas twist involves upping the greenery in general. Artificial foliage gives you this effect immediately. From sprays of Oak and bursts of Birch, some of the best Christmas plants work great because of their leafiness. 

If you’re anything like us, simplicity is key, and charm is captured perfectly in a few sprigs of festive foliage. 

Artificial Geranium 

An artificial Geranium gives your space an instant festive feel and is a beautiful artificial Christmas plant. These Geraniums come in both red and white petals, a pairing that screams festivity.

The Gardenia’s bloom has a softer, more numerous petal, making it a less striking red option than the Poinsettia. It does, however, add a more sensual and idyllic element to your artificial floral decor. 

White Gardenia

Artificial Gardenia Bush

Whilst a Mistletoe is one of the prime plants around Christmas, an artificial Gardenia is just as wonderful. A white Gardenia will give you the same gentle, pale effect as a Mistletoe, whilst a red Gardenia has the same deep green accenting that a Poinsettia or a Holly has.

Artificial Heather

Despite not having any of the easy, straightforward Christmas associations some of the plants mentioned here have, Heather is just lovely.
Opting for an artificial Heather as part of an ensemble gives your floral decoration a soft, downy element. If there’s any plant here that embodies the Christmas feel, it’s an off-white artificial Heather bush.

Festive Christmas plant

Artificial Christmas wreaths

There’s that famous shot in Home Alone with that deep green door and that Christmas wreath adorning it. You’d be forgiven if you began to hear the distant jingle of bells at the very thought. 

For all the suburban charm of their Christmas decorations, the McAllisters of Home Alone fame are guilty of one thing. Their wonderful wreath will have succumbed to dryness and have lost its charm come January. 

Yes, for all the traditional charm of an authentic wreath, it doesn’t have the longevity nor staying power as its artificial relative. It is with no hint of irony (well, maybe just a little) that we believe a wreath isn’t just for Christmas – a wreath is for life. 

Twining a series of artificial ivy garlands around a wooden hoop is a brilliant way to achieve a Christmas wreath to rival even that of the McAllisters. 

Christmas at Evergreen Direct

The Christmas spirit is all about creating warmth and promoting invitation and mutuality. Plants are proven to be an incredibly easy way to achieve healthy, happy environments – and Christmas time is no different. With these small additions, you can transform your space into a winter wonderland, time after time and year after year. 


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