How to Transform Your Garden in a Weekend!

Moving house can be very stressful and getting your new home in ship shape can be enough of a challenge. Once you can see light at the end of the tunnel in the house even thinking about a garden transformation in enough to fill anyone with dread. Evergreen Direct and Artificial landscapes have teamed up to give you some great advice on some quick fixes than can get your garden looking beautiful and ready for the house warming parties in less than a weekend and will require no maintenance thereafter.

Top Tip #1 The Lawn

The manufacturing process of artificial grass has advanced so far over the past 2 years that the products available on the market are so fantastic it’s very difficult to differentiate from a real lawn. Not only is artificial turf a great option aesthetically but it also will save lots of time throughout the summer mowing the lawn. Many artificial grass suppliers charge a fortune for fitting artificial grass but the process is very simple to do yourself at home we have created a step by step video to guide you, if you simply do not have time rather than involving costly grass fitters, get a local handy man to follow the simple steps- they will charge half the cost and really can’t go wrong if they follow the instructions. View our artificial grass range here

Top Tip #2 Artificial hedge

Adding the finishing touches to frame an area of your garden, balcony or patio can look fantastic and add an element of privacy blocking out the view of any prying eyes or indeed unsightly buildings, sheds and bin areas. Not only does artificial hedging look great but also is fantastic for adding a little extra shelter to your garden and acts as a partial sound barrier blocking out peripheral  noise. Artificial hedges are available in different styles, shapes and sizes and the important thing is they are custom built to suit your garden. Check out the bespoke hedges at Evergreen direct and give them a call to discuss your options and get the cheapest possible quote. Evergreen Direct have a price promise that they will always be the cheapest supplier of artificial hedge in the UK so it is certainly the best place to start on your heading hunt! View images of Evergreens bespoke heding here

artificial boxwood hedge

Top Tip #3 Hanging baskets and window boxes

Hanging baskets can be perfect for this. People very often think that hanging baskets are only for the summer time but investing in some artificial hanging baskets that are filled with luscious ivy and pansy plants that would not look out of place in the duller months can be the perfect solution. Not only are artificial hanging baskets completely maintenance free but also continue looking their best whatever! At Evergreen all the hanging baskets made are hand built which allows you to mix and match the plants they are planted with so you get the perfect hanging basket to suit your taste and style of home. View Evergreen’s artificial hanging baskets here

artificial hanging basket

Top Tip #4 Frame your entrance

Framing the entrance to your front can make your home look a lot grander, often preventing your home from looking too one dimensional. When looking for the perfect tree or plant to frame an entrance a good place to start is with topiary trees and plants. These are great because they are neat and tidy and usually sculptured to a slender shape which avoids any braches growing and getting in the way of your door! When opting for an artificial product make sure the foliage of the tree or plant is UV stable, this prevents your tree discolouring or fading outdoors. View range of topiary here

artificial bay trees


Alfresco Dining with Some Added Character

I saw this idea which we thought looked absolutely fantastic when creating a color and charismatic alfresco dining table.

The color is a beautiful contrast to the flowers and outdoor scenery. These artificial Buxus balls are available to buy from 

Should you need any fitting advice depending on what you are planning on sitting the topiary in the just give us a call on 01751 417776

Artificial Vertical Gardens and Green Walls

Green walls and vertical garden keep popping up in areas of botanically beauty and anyone that appreciates beautiful interiors and gardens cannot help admire the craftsmanship and skill that goes into firstly building up also maintaining these impressive features. Evergreen Direct have now devised an artificial green wall that cuts out any of the hard work or maintenance that  come with vertical gardens.

 These artificial greenery is simply fixed to basic trellis work or for permanent feature fixed using an adhesive to the wall

 Popular plants to use are artificial ferns, trailing ivy varieties, and Dracaena’s. If forever you wanted to go for a slightly more simple look using artificial boxwood foliage in panels on top of paintwork can add some interesting texture and color

 For information on any of these artificial vertical garden ideas visit or contact us on T: 01751 417776 E:


Why and When to Buy Artificial Trees and Plants


Most interior environments benefit from some form of greenery, but very few are suited to the long term survival of living plants: poor light, fluctuating temperatures etc. are just a couple of reasons why it is difficult to keep healthy looking live plants.
This is where evergreen can help…we are specialists in replica & preserved treesplants & landscapes.Whether you need a simple potted plant, or a whole forest of tropical trees, any specimen that is alive & available, can be produced in replica.

Using a special technique of grafting high quality silk and polyester foliage, onto natural and preserved stems, we can produce trees, palms, shrubs & ivy’s that are almost indistinguishable from living specimens.