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Using Your Pre-Glued stones

Instructions for the Pre-Glued Stones to make the decorative bonded pebble finish:

Carefully cut a corner off the bag of pre glued stones or carefully open the bucket.

Trim any excess expanding foam that may have risen above the cardboard topper, at the top of your planter.

Cover the cardboard topper with the stones. You do not need to fill to the brim of your planter, just pour in enough stones to cover the cardboard and make a decorative finish.

Use something flat (ie a piece of waste cardboard) to gently pat the stones together flat and evenly.

If you keep your planting indoors in a warm place this will speed up the setting process or use a hair dryer to waft the stones with warm air.

The stones are coated in PVA glue which will become clear when dry and the stones have set.