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Using your Fixing Kit

You will receive-               1 x can of foam

                                       1 x bag of pre-glued stones


How to pot up-

-          Place your plant/tree still in its transporter pot into your chosen decorative pot

-          Place stones, mud, or any bulky item into the bottom of the pot to raise the transporter pot close up to the rim

-          Wedge the gaps around the edge of the transporter pot so this is now stable

-          Use the foam to make secure (the can is big enough for two planters so you don’t need it all) and allow to dry

-          Create a smooth surface, trimming any foam flat and then add your pre-glued stones (if your plant/tree came with a cardboard pot template you can place this back on and add your pre- glued stones on top pf this

-          Allow to dry inside for 4-6 hours