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    From: £174.00 INC VAT
  • Artificial Dracaena Palm

    Artificial Dracaena Palm

    From: £29.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Mountain Palm

    Artificial Mountain Palm

    From: £10.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Phoenix Bamboo Plant

    Artificial Phoenix Bamboo Plant

    From: £14.25 INC VAT
  • Artificial Fan Palm

    Artificial Fan Palm

    From: £59.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Fern Palm

    Artificial Fern Palm

    From: £45.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Outdoor Tropical Palm Tree

    Artificial Outdoor Tropical Palm Tree

    From: £146.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Triple Headed Palm Tree

    Artificial Triple Headed Palm Tree

    From: £149.95 INC VAT

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Artificial Palm Trees

Artificial palms have become a very popular option both indoors and outdoors due to many environments are not suitable for living palms to survive in the UK. Artificial palms have advanced so far that now it is difficult to differentiate artificial palms from living palm trees without actually touching them!

We have an extensive range of fake palms, such as the real touch areca palm, ranging from 2ft to 10ft so if you are looking to create that tropical look we will have the perfect palm to fit within your space or budget. Our range of replica palms are fully maintenance free giving you complete peace of mind you will love your artificial palm tree looking perfect all year round.

Fake Realistic Palm Trees

All our artificial palms are very realistic and are 100% botanically accurate. If you are struggling to decide which palm would be best for you at Evergreen Direct, you have the luxury of a free of charge bespoke design service where we can advise which replica palm tree would be best suited to the look and feel you are trying to create.

Despite offering our design service and only using the highest quality foliage we spend a lot of time making sure our prices are highly competitive within the market . We import the finest quality artificial foliage, direct from the manufacturer in large quantities to guarantee the best possible prices. The design and build of your artificial palm is all done in house by highly skilled craftsmen.

At Evergreen Direct we provide a range of artificial palm trees which are all extremely realistic and designed to be botanically accurate. We spend time making sure that the artificial palm trees are realistic and are manufactured to the highest quality, the materials that we use will also ensure a long lasting lifespan. We stock a range of palm trees to suit every decor style, from something plain to more tropical, our faux palm trees are perfect.

Our selection of fake palm trees includes some of the most popular types which have been recreated in artificial form. Growing a palm tree in the UK climate is almost impossible, not only do the require constant humidity and high temperatures, they’re also very hungry plants. So if they don't find sufficient nutrients they’ll become yellow and lethargic, leaving them susceptible to diseases and other problems. Instead, our faux palm trees will only need to be taken out of the box and displayed in your home.


We Are Here To Help

Whether it is some simple advice to help you select a product or a full complementary design service we have artificial planting specialists ready to take your call:

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