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The goal of being a sustainable company is a high priority here at Evergreen Direct. We have taken many steps in trying to reach this goal and have many projects underway. We take our environmental footprint very seriously and continuously strive to improve.

Our company has gone to significant lengths to test our products, to ensure they are safe and contain no hazardous substances such as lead, heavy metals, or harmful chemicals that ensure the safety of wildlife, pets, people and the environment.

Made to last

Made from recyclable plastic using the latest UV protective technology our products are made to last. Unlike many products, our planting has zero maintenance and is recyclable, ensuring the carbon footprint is not extended through the product's life cycle. We always aim to supply the highest quality products, with as little environmental impact as possible.

Plant a tree for every order placed

Due to the nature of our product, the carbon footprint it has is very front-loaded, we strive to balance this with our partnership with Ecologi which plants a tree for every order that is placed. We have also helped fund climate projects worldwide. This includes sponsorship of projects to protect the Peruvian Amazon, and develop renewable energy plants in Egypt and Vietnam.

Packing And Recycling

We have limited the use of plastic in our packaging and recycle any plastic waste we receive. We reuse as many cardboard boxes as possible for packing. For any damaged cardboard we can’t reuse, this gets palletised and sent away to be recycled into packing materials.

Solar Panels And Energy

Our business runs off solar energy that is self-generated from the solar panels that are covering our offices and warehouse.