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How to - Cleaning Your Green Wall

Maintaining your Green Wall


Over time you will need to periodically clean your Green Wall to keep it looking at its best. Below are a few different methods that can be used:


Dusting – using a soft bristle brush, paint brush, duster and gentle sweep over the Green Wall ensuing all parts have been cleaned.


Compressed Air – you can purchase cans of compressed air and simply starting at the top of the plant work your way down blowing away the dust (this method is not recommended indoors as it makes the dust airborne.


Damp Cloth- using water only on a damp cloth wipe over the Green Wall leaves and remove the dirt, then using a dry cloth wipe off any excess water.


Repairing your Green Wall- periodically the weather may cause damage and some leaves, flowers may fall off. These can simply be popped back on if not damaged. If you find that they are damaged and there is always the option to add in new plants and simply slot them onto the panel.