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Installing your Green Wall

Our panels are typically provided in square meter units, consisting of 16 interlocking mesh tiles measuring 25cm² each. These tiles securely connect using robust press studs, allowing us to offer foliage to the exact 25cm measurement rather than rounding up to a full meter panel.

This innovative design allows you to effortlessly clip or unclip panels to achieve customized dimensions, accurate to the nearest 25cm. Should you need to adjust the size, simply trim the foliage with ease using a Stanley knife or sharp scissors.

Attaching and Customizing Your Green Wall

This process also enables you to clip/or unclip the panels together to create whatever dimensions you need to the closest 25cm, the foliage can then be simply trimmed to size if required with a Stanley knife or sharp scissors.

Secure the mesh backing of the green wall to the timber using a nail or staple gun. Trim any surplus foliage with sharp scissors. Save the trimmed pieces as they can be handy for filling in gaps that may require additional coverage. For further information, feel free to reach out—we're here to help!