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Dressing out your trough

How to dress out a Tough

When you received your trough, the plants will be in place but not dressed out. This allows you to be able to add the pre-glued stones to the surface easier.

Follow the instructions below to dress out your trough to its full potential:

Firstly - Pre-Glued Stone

-          Carefully cut a corner off the bag or carefully open the bucket. 

-          Place the planter cardboard topper back on top. 

-          Cover the cardboard topper with stones.  You do not need to fill to the brim of your planter just pour enough stones to cover the cardboard and make a decorative finish.

-          Use something flat (i.e. a piece of waste cardboard) to gently pat the stones together and evenly. 

-          Leave to dry this can take a couple of hours.


Secondly – Dressing out the Plants

-          Starting at the base gently pull down the stems.

-          Next start by making the leaves have a more natural look but holding the tip and running your finger from the stem to the tip curving and shaping as you go.

-          Remember that leaves nearer the bottom of the plant naturally have more of a curve than those closer to the top.