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Creating a Hanging Basket or Planter

Creating a Hanging Basket or Planter


With the use of artificial foliage and blooms you can create an all year-round focal point for garden, patio and front door. All without the high maintenance that comes with real flowers. By ensuring you use outdoor artificial stems and blooms these are UV stable and means they are more durable and long lasting in colour.


The guide below is based on 35cm basket, using 8 stems.

You will need:

-          Empty hanging basket

-          Oasis

-          Knife

-          Artificial flowers and foliage

-          A bucket (just to sit the basket in whilst creating the bouquet)

-          Stone/sand

-          Outdoor artificial stems, blooms


Before starting

  • -          Start by standing your hanging basket in the bucket for ease.
  • -          Fill one third with stone or sand to weigh it down and prevent excessive blowing in the wind
  • -          Place your oasis on top- packing tightly at the base- trimming where necessary to fit
  • -          It is best to create a dome if possible, leaving the middle high, tapering down to the rims to provide a nice shape


 BuBuilding the Bouquet

  • -          Take each stem and dress-out/bend into desired shape
  • -          Press each stem into the oasis – starting around the edges working towards the middle
  • -          Continue until you have a full display


These flowers can then be simply interchange if you ever feel necessary or to change with the seasons.