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The time has come to bring the outdoors indoors and transform our interiors into cosy heavens. We have lots of tips and tricks to help you transform your space in an instant. 

Layering your Plants

We love how the warm light of candles and fireplaces shine through the leaves of our artificial plants casting beautiful botanical shadows around your room.

Cosy Corners

In dark corners that is summer months felt light and airy now may feel rather cold and need softening. Artificial plants are the perfect thing to add a warm ambience to your space. As the festivity season nears some added fairy lights work a treat.

Frame Your Entrance

The entrance to your home sets the tone for what is to come. We have found with the addition of a few simple zero maintenance artificial plants your home can look wonderfully tip top and put together... even if it may not be on the inside!

Mantle Piece Magic

Dress your mantlepiece with the enchanting beauty of lifelike garlands that capture the season's spirit. These versatile and low-maintenance decorations will instantly elevate your space, creating a cosy, magical ambience that will leave your guests in awe.