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Artificial Foliage

Our artificial foliage sprays allow you to build whatever you like from your favourite foliage. All of our replica foliage sprays are 100% botanically accurate, with careful detail being put into the design and colouration of each leaf.

Artificial plants, flowers and leaves are all part of our repertoire, but we also specialise in foliage options, perfect for all flower arrangements and more, providing interesting texture. Whether you are searching for trailing foliage of varying lengths, including artificial leaves, if you would like it to.

Artificial foliage sprays, otherwise known as fake foliage sprays, are ideal for people with inner creativity as they allow for unique and bespoke creations designed to suit your individual needs perfectly.

Our range is ever-growing as we look to give you the flexibility and freedom to create the perfect home, garden space or office artificial display. Every artificial plant and artificial flower arrangement can benefit from foliage; order yours online today! 

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Foliage sprays have many uses, such as:

  • Tree building
  • Adding to floral displays
  • Wedding venues, buttonholes, decoration etc
  • Aviaries
  • Vivarium

and many more

Realistic Fake Foliage For Artificial Plants

All of our artificial foliage sprays are made from top-quality silks and plastic to ensure the foliage not only looks realistic but feels it too. Take advantage of our free design service if you want expert advice on using our artificial foliage.

Give one of our designers a call on 01751 417776, and they will give you step-by-step instructions on how to fit your artificial foliage. If you have a specific idea in mind or colour, shop our range of foliage and silk flowers today, they look the same as the real thing!

With our vast range of artificial plants, flowers and foliage available for UK delivery, whether you are searching for something for your hanging baskets or to be slotted into your bouquets, the stems are adjustable on all of our foliage pieces.

Artificial Flowers Benefit From Faux Foliage

Artificial foliage and greenery have become very popular over the years; they’re the perfect solution for areas where natural plants wouldn’t usually survive. They’re an excellent option for commercial spaces where plants wouldn’t survive as well as those individuals who lack the skills necessary for gardening.

It can be quite a lot of work keeping on top of watering and tending to greenery, but with artificial options, you don't have to do any gardening for it to stay green!

At Evergreen Direct, we provide a wide range of faux greenery; this includes mango spray and holly spray; we offer a range of faux greenery and foliage that’s great for indoor and outdoor use.

We check foliage for shape, size and colour, ensuring it’s all botanically accurate and as realistic as possible. All of the materials we use to create the artificial foliage are to the highest standards; at Evergreen Direct, we’re the only place to go when it comes to natural-looking faux foliage.

Faux Greenery Foliage & Artificial Leaves

At Evergreen Direct, we have provided a selection of realistic and high-quality faux greenery for several years. We aim to ensure that our artificial greenery and foliage are authentic and botanically accurate.

Our artificial greenery and faux foliage have been manufactured to the highest standards to ensure that the products are durable and last the test of time. When you choose Evergreen Direct, not only do we ensure excellent products, but we also aim to provide customers with exceptional service.

So, if you are looking for faux greenery inside your home or outside your premises, look no further; Evergreen Direct has got you covered. When you choose us as your faux greenery supplier, we will provide an effective and efficient service; for more information on our artificial greenery and foliage, contact our friendly team today.

Add Colour, Energy & Design To Your Property With Foliage

The faux greenery that we offer is great for adding some life to your home or commercial space, whether it's to liven up your interior decor or freshen up an existing display; at Evergreen Direct, when it comes to our range of faux foliage and greenery, it comes in a range of textures and shapes, ensuring that your floral displays stand out from the crowd.

Our extensive range of artificial greenery offers the perfect accompaniment to your interior and exterior space, from floral favourites to leafy designs; at Evergreen Direct, we source every faux greenery and foliage design to suit our customers’ requirements.

Our products are produced to the highest standards, and our rich plant-like colours, soft stems and glossy leaves will provide a luxurious appeal to your decor or display. Moreover, we ensure that our greenery and foliage are realistic looking and botanical accurate; it will look just like your plants have been freshly picked straight from the garden.

Artificial Greenery and Foliage

Regarding the faux foliage and greenery we provide here at Evergreen Direct, it's a great option should you wish to include it with other artificial or faux plants or if you’d like it to stand alone and make a statement; our range has got you covered.

Having been providing artificial planting for several years, faux greenery has been an increasingly popular option for a range of our customers; it’s an excellent solution for areas where real plants won’t survive or for businesses that don’t have the time to care for and maintain natural plants.

At Evergreen Direct, we offer a wide range of artificial and faux greenery and foliage; it can be used indoors or outdoors and has been manufactured to the highest standards to ensure longevity.

As experts in artificial greenery and foliage, we check our products' shapes, sizes and colours against their natural counterparts to ensure they are as realistic as possible.

Shop Foliage With Evergreen Direct

At Evergreen Direct, our range of artificial foliage and faux greenery is produced to the highest quality using durable materials and a meticulous process.

This is to ensure that they look great and have a guaranteed lifespan; the same materials we use will vary, as this will depend on the type of foliage and greenery it is, to make sure it’s as realistic as possible.

With over 20 years of experience designing, manufacturing and importing artificial greenery and foliage, we are known for our fine-quality products.

All of our faux foliage are created at our base in Yorkshire and available to our customers across the UK. Regarding artificial and faux greenery, the Evergreen Direct team has covered you; for more information, call our team today.