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  • Artificial Trailing Philo Ivy

    Artificial Trailing Philo Ivy

    £11.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Large Trailing Geraniums

    Artificial Large Trailing Geraniums

    £15.95 INC VAT
  • artificial woodland ivy

    Artificial Woodland Ivy Plant

    £16.95 INC VAT

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Artificial Outdoor Plants

Here at Evergreen Direct we specialise in anything artificial, from trees to plants and everything in between. We pride ourselves on our high quality products, craftsmanship, and flexibility to customize each artificial planting to solutions to each individual customer, all at an affordable price. No matter how little or large your space or budget we will find the perfect planting solution for you.

Artificial outdoor plants have become a very popular option both indoors and outdoors as certain environments are not suitable for living plants. Artificial plants have also advanced so far that now it is difficult to differentiate artificial plants from living plants without touching or smelling them! From the vibrant colours through to the way in which we can now present your plants all year round. From the artificial zebra plant to conifer bushes and much more, we have all of your needs covered.

Artificial Outside Plants

Evergreen's artificial outdoor plants range has all the beauty of the real thing throughout the year, without the worry of the survival or deterioration of planting at certain times of the year. Once your artificial outdoor planting is in place you can enjoy the savings of your own time spent on maintenance, and money on planting replacements and even gardeners fees.

All of our artificial outdoor planting range is designed to withstand all the hardy outdoor elements. The composition of our artificial outdoor planting is durable, robust and fully UV stable to prevent and fading or discolour. This ensures your outdoor planting is fully maintenance free and the foliage will continue to look vibrant and healthy all year round, for years to come.

At Evergreen Direct, we love everything involving artificial plants and provide a large selection of faux plants, you’re bound to find something that looks realistic and will look great in your home. Whether it’s low maintenance or long lasting plants that you require, you’ve come to the right place, we’ve got a vast range available that have all been beautifully designed, ensuring that they reflect the colour and texture of the botanical plant.

Nurturing and caring for real plants is a time consuming and tiring task, should you be leading a busy life, you have pets or you suffer from plant related allergies, artificial plants are a great option. Artificial planting is the perfect alternative to having natural plants in your home. With artificial plants, they’ll look fresh year after year, will grow in any environment and won’t die if you forget to water them. They’re also very low maintenance, so bar a quick dust here and there is all they’ll need.

Large Artificial Outdoor Plants

Should you be looking for large artificial outdoor plants, look no further, Evergreen Direct stocks a wide selection of artificial outdoor garden plants. Our range of products are great for outside your home or in your garden, they offer a stunning visual appeal and are unique decoration pieces, they can enhance even the smallest of spaces. At Evergreen Direct we’ve been providing our artificial outdoor garden plants for a number of years and are well established when it comes to the high quality products that we provide. What’s more is as experts, we are home to a wide range of outdoor plant options to choose from, so whatever type of outside artificial plant you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. View our outdoor artificial plant range online today.

The outdoor artificial plants that we stock are a great way to create a natural looking garden, all of our faux outdoor plants are ready to use, there’s no need to worry about spending time planting them. Our artificial plant range is a great way for hassle free gardening, we only provide expert products, so when you choose Evergreen Direct, your artificial outdoor plants will last all year round ensuring that your garden looks good no matter what season it is. When it comes to the artificial outdoor plants that we supply, there’s something for every garden, patio or outside area, we also offer the ability for you to be able to mix and match your artificial outdoor plant products, from leafy greens to large statement pieces and small outdoor plants. Being able to choose different plant types and textures means that you can create a unique outdoor arrangement that matches your style, property exterior and overall requirements.

Artificial Outdoor Plants UK

The replica outdoor plants that we supply have become very popular over the years and are suited to a number of individuals who are looking for low maintenance alternatives to real plants. Artificial outdoor plants have become the perfect option, should you be sprucing up the exterior of your home or premises or should they be for your garden or patio. Outdoor artificial plants are great for those places with limited sunlight where live plants wouldn’t be able to survive. As experts in artificial outdoor plants, Evergreen Direct should be your first port of call, when it comes to faux outdoor plants we ensure the highest quality products and also aim to offer lifelike looking plants for your outdoor spaces. All of the manufacturing techniques used to create our faux outdoor plants are top of the range and what’s more is we also use only quality materials, this is to ensure that we provide our customers with authentic products that are close match to the real thing.

At Evergreen Direct we only offer only high quality products, our artificial outdoor plants don’t just look realistic, they feel life like too, so should you be looking for the most natural alternative to real outdoor plants for your garden, Evergreen Direct has got you covered. The professional materials and manufacturing processes that we use to produce our artificial outdoor plants mean that they’re durable and will last the test of time, as well as in a range of weather conditions, this also covers a reduction in colour fading when exposed to sunlight. So, should you be looking for artificial outdoor plants and large grass plants, check out the selection at Evergreen Direct today, our products come in different shapes, sizes and styles and we can provide a range of solutions to suit all requirements.

Outdoor Artificial Plants, Flowers and Shrubs

Here at Evergreen Direct, we know full well that having a garden full of artificial outdoor plants is the most cost-effective way to keep your property's landscape looking beautiful all year round. What’s more is, this is all without the need of wasting your money on pesticides, water and your precious time. Busy work schedules and daily duties often get in the way of maintaining the appearance and upkeep of gardens and outdoor spaces. When choosing to fill your garden with outdoor artificial plants at Evergreen Direct we will ensure quality, you’ll receive a garden that looks and feels amazing. There’s a number of reasons to consider artificial outdoor plants, all of our artificial flowers, plants and trees come with a realistic appearance, made from premium materials and are botanically accurate. So if you’re looking to add a special touch to your garden, or the exterior of your premises, our large garden plants are perfect, what’s more is at Evergreen Direct, we don’t compromise on quality, we put our customers and their requirements first.

The Best Artificial Plants for Outdoors

Artificial outdoor plants and greenery are becoming more and more popular, with options suitable for a range of outside spaces, there’s no need to take on real plants which can be high maintenance and time consuming to look after. At Evergreen Direct when it comes to our range of outdoor plants we use top quality materials in the manufacture of our artificial outdoor plants and have a very careful eye for detail. To ensure our artificial outdoor planting range is botanically accurate to both see and touch we have spent a lot of time fine tuning the colour and texture of the plants. We have done this by using lots of different shades of colours throughout the designs to create a natural finish. If you have any questions or queries about the outdoor plants we offer, feel free to contact Evergreen Direct today.

High Quality Outdoor Artificial Patio Plants

At Evergreen Direct we’re renowned for the range of realistic and high quality artificial outdoor plants that we supply, what’s more is we have also been an established artificial plant provider for a number of years. We aim to make sure that all of our artificial outdoor plants are botanically accurate, as well as having been manufactured to the highest standards, this is to make sure that not only are our products realistic looking, but they are durable and last the test of time. When you choose Evergreen Direct, not only do we ensure the best artificial outdoor products for our customers and clients, but we also aim to provide an exceptional level of customer service. So if you are looking for artificial outdoor plants or large artificial grass plants, look no further, Evergreen Direct has got you covered. When you choose us as your outside artificial plants supplier we will make sure that you receive an effective and efficient service, for more information on our artificial outdoor plants, contact our friendly team today.


Are your artificial outdoor plants life like?

Yes, at Evergreen Direct our selection of artificial outdoor plants have all been handpicked and individually sourced based on their authenticity. We ensure that all of our outdoor artificial garden plants are 100% botanically accurate and will look highly realistic in a range of exterior spaces, from gardens to patios and exterior commercial areas. When you choose Evergreen Direct for artificial outdoor plants, you’ll receive fake plant products that don’t just look life-like, but feel like the real thing.

How long will outdoor artificial plants last for?

This all depends on the type of artificial outdoor plant and where it’s going to be placed, for example artificial plants placed outside may be affected by weather conditions such as rain and UV rays from the sun. Their lasting ability will also depend on how often the artificial plants are maintained and cleaned etc. When you choose Evergreen Direct for your artificial outdoor plants, we will ensure that we provide products that have been created to the best standards and are highly durable.

Why choose Evergreen Direct for artificial outdoor plants?

At Evergreen Direct we are experts when it comes to artificial outdoor plants and offer a range of realistic, high quality artificial plants, all of our faux plants are life-like and botanically accurate. Having been providing artificial outdoor plants across the UK for a number of years, we’re renowned for the high quality artificial plant products that we provide for outside areas. All of our artificial plants that have been manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring that they’re durable and that they last, and as well as excellent products, we also aim to ensure exceptional customer service. For more information on our outdoor artificial plants, feel free to contact our friendly team today.

What are the best outdoor artificial plants?

This will depend on the type of artificial outdoor plant you’re looking for, whatever your requirements, from large outdoor trees, to hanging plants, faux greenery and outside flowering shrubs, at Evergreen Direct, we are home to a wide selection of outdoor artificial plants. Our large range includes a vast variety of products, all of which have been hand selected based on quality, so whatever your preferences or specifications, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Evergreen Direct.

Do you offer bespoke artificial outdoor plants?

Yes we do, we provide a bespoke artificial outdoor plant service and can custom make a range of artificial plants based on customers requirements. When you choose Evergreen Direct all of our made to measure artificial outdoor plants are of the finest quality and all are custom made to each customers exact specification. We are highly experienced in creating bespoke artificial outdoor plants and have worked with a very wide array of customers, from one-off purchases for gardens to designs for multinational companies and large events including The Olympics, The Ideal Home Show and Linkedin to name a few. For more information, feel free to contact Evergreen Direct today.


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