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Bespoke Artificial Hedges

We build artificial hedges to an shape size and budget and, the icing on the cake is, we do not charge a premium for building them to your bespoke size. Enjoy browsing our ideas and inspiration below.

Artificial Hedge on Balconies & Roof terraces

Evergreens artificial hedge provides an instant botanical solution, for exposed areas such as balconies and roof terraces where live planting struggles to thrive or even survive. Measure up and we will supply something with a made to measure artificial hedge that will not only be beautifully botanical, but act as a wind break, sound barrier, and privacy screen. What more could you want?

Hedges on Balconies & Roofterraces

Artificial Hedges for Privacy

Hedges can be the perfect remedy for creating a visual and sound barrier against the outside world, however many of us do not have the time of patience to wait for a real hedge to grow. This is where artificial hedges become the perfect solution, not only is this an instant look but also is completely maintenance free giving you a lush, mature looking hedge all year round with maximum coverage and privacy. Artificial hedges can also be used to screen alternative unsightly area such as pipes, wires unattractive railings.

Artificial Hedges for Privacy