Artificial Grape Willow Trellis



Artificial Grape Willow Trellis

  • Prices per piece - concertina trellis covering approx 1.2m x 1.2m
  • Artificial sprigs of Grape Ivy on a concertina willow trellis
  • Botanically accurate
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy Installation


We are so confident in the quality of this product we offer a 3 year guarantee.

Selection of artificial leaves for vertical screening.

Concertina trellis covering approx 1.2m x 1.2m

Where can I use the laurel leaf trellis?

The  artificial laurel trellis panels are UV stabilised which means they are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. Being UV stable protects the leaves from any discolour or fading sunlight may cause. These are great for covering up unsightly walls or making a quirky statement wall and bringing a botanical feel to your space.

Artificial Leaf Trellis

A main reason why our selection of artificial leaf trellis is so popular is because the products that we stock and supply are all maintenance free, you don’t need to worry about watering them or choosing a space for them in sunlight, our artificial leaf trellis will look great all year round. What’s more is our artificial leaf trellis have also been made to be able to withstand moisture, so should there be any changes in the weather or the temperature, they won’t be affected and their look will stay intact, ensuring that they stay looking great. What’s more is our artificial leaf trellis options don’t come with any potential allergic reactions for your family, customers or colleagues, which tends to be a common problem with real life plants. Should you be thinking about purchasing artificial leaf trellis, check our Evergreen Direct today, we are home to a large collection of fake trellis that comes in different styles, types and colours. Should you be looking for something bold and eye-catching or a trellis that's leafy and calming, simply view our large selection online today. When you choose Evergreen Direct you’ll be able to find an artificial leaf trellis that fits in with all of your requirements.

Leaf Trellis UK

Are you looking for leaf trellis, well look no further, Evergreen Direct has always got you covered, we’re experts and offer a range of artificial and fake leaf trellis that are great for the interior or exterior of your home or your premises. The fake leaf trellis that we stock includes a stunning visual and unique decoration piece, so should you be looking to create some exciting decor, or it's for your restaurant or shop, our artificial leaf trellis will inspire you. At Evergreen Direct we’re well known and experienced when it comes to artificial leaf trellis, with this in mind we’re renowned for the high quality products that we offer. We are also home to a wide range of options to choose from, so whatever type of artificial leaf trellis that you require or are looking for, we guarantee that we have got it in stock. You can also view our range online today and our stunning artificial leaf trellis will allow you to easily decorate a blank space, especially in those areas where real plants or a real trellis wouldn’t survive. Over the years we’ve provided our fake leaf trellis to a number of clients, from commercial customers who have used them to decorate their business, freshen up their office or liven up their showroom or display. Our artificial leaf trellis are the perfect way to brighten up a range of areas, especially in locations where real plants and flowers won’t survive.

Artificial Trellis

At Evergreen Direct our selection of realistic artificial trellis have all been produced to the highest standards and use only quality materials as well as a thorough process. This is to ensure that they look great all year round and will last the test of time. For more information on our artificial trellis products or to view the trellis that we stock, check out online on our website today. The realistic artificial trellis that we stock will look great in outdoor spaces or interior areas are a different way to add a natural touch, what’s more is they are all botanically accurate and will look great in your home or garden all year round. Our array of realistic artificial trellis include options for every home, garden, patio or outside space, as well as commercial premises. With such a varied product selection, you can also mix and match our other artificial products with your fake trellis and create something that stands out from the crowd. At Evergreen Direct our artificial trellis come in different styles, colours and textures, whatever your needs, we have got you covered. For more information on our range of artificial trellis, or should you have any questions or queries regarding our product range, please call the Evergreen Direct team today.

Fake Leaf Trellis

The real looking fake leaf trellis that we stock is a great way to create a natural look without all of the hardwood and maintenance. When it comes to the artificial leaf trellis that we stock, all of our products are realistic and ready to use, there’s no need to worry about spending time preparing and planting, we have got you covered. Our artificial leaf trellis are a great way for hassle free gardening, not only do we provide expert products, but when you buy from Evergreen Direct. Your artificial leaf trellis will last the test of time and look good all year round, your garden or exterior area will always be in season when you choose from our range of products. Our collection of artificial leaf trellis that we supply includes a product for every garden, patio or outside area. We also have the ability for you to be able to mix and match your artificial leaf trellis, from leaf trellis for a large statement piece to something small we’ve got you covered. We are able to provide you with different fake leaf trellis types, colours and textures meaning that you can create a unique outdoor arrangement that matches both your style, property and meets your requirements.

For Artificial Leaf Trellis, Contact Evergreen

For artificial leaf trellis, look no further than Evergreen Direct, we’re well known for the large range of artificial leaf trellis that we provide, this includes fake leaf trellis and leaf trellis. Simply view our range of products online today, or you can contact our team for more information, either way, make sure that you choose Evergreen Direct as your artificial plant and trellis supplier.


Where to buy artificial leaf trellis?

If you’d like to buy an artificial leaf trellis, the team at Evergreen Direct can assist, we’re well known as being a leading artificial leaf trellis company and we offer a large selection of fake and faux trellis including artificial laurel leaf trellis. Our products are all high quality and durable and they can be used both inside or outside. What’s more is, our artificial trellis come with little maintenance requirements, so you can rest assured that your artificial trellis tree will look good all year round. For more information on the fake leaf trellis that we offer, feel free to call our professional team today.

Where to find artificial leaf trellis?

At Evergreen Direct should you be looking for artificial leaf trellis, we are the best place. When it comes to looking for ‘artificial leaf trellis’ look no further, you’re in the right place, as we stock a selection of options. All of our fake leaf trellis have been created to make sure that they are of the best quality, what’s more is all of our artificial leaf trellis have all been created to the highest standards. Our team ensures the best workmanship when it comes to our artificial leaf trellis, they are suitable for inside and outside areas as they’re durable. Our artificial leaf trellis will ensure visual appeal all year round, there’ll be no need for maintenance, you can simply enjoy your leaf trellis.

Does your artificial leaf trellis look realistic?

Yes of course, at Evergreen Direct we pride ourselves on the highly realistic looking artificial leaf trellis that we offer. When it comes to the range of artificial leaf trellis that we stock and supply, they have all been hand picked and are individually sourced, this is based on their lifelike look. At Evergreen Direct we aim to ensure that our collection of faux leaf trellis are all 100% botanically accurate. They will look the part in your property, when it's your home or business, as well as your garden or exterior area. Choose Evergreen Direct for your artificial trellis, you’ll receive something that doesn't just look like the real thing, but will feel like it too.

How long do artificial trellis last for?

This all depends on the type of artificial trellis that you choose, as well as where you are going to put it. Artificial leaf trellis that are placed outdoors may not last as long as those that are placed inside, this is due to weather conditions affecting them, such as the rain and the sun. How often artificial trellis are maintained and cleaned will also affect how long lasting they are. When you choose Evergreen Direct for your new leaf trellis, we will make sure that you receive a product that has been produced to the best standards as well as being highly durable.

Why choose Evergreen Direct for artificial leaf trellis?

The Evergreen Direct team are specialists in artificial leaf trellis and when it comes to looking for products, we have got many options available. We can provide you with a realistic, high quality artificial leaf trellis. All of our faux trellis’s are realistic looking and botanically accurate. We have been supplying artificial trellis across the UK for many years now and we’re well known for the high quality artificial products that we stock. All of our artificial leaf trellis have been produced to the highest standards and aim to ensure durability and longevity. As well as excellent products, we also aim to offer exceptional customer service, so for more information on our palm trees, feel free to contact our friendly team today.

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Artificial Grape Willow Trellis
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