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Artificial Forest Fern Plant From Evergreen Direct Trailing Forest Fern Plant

Artificial trailing forest fern plant available potted or unpotted.

Artificial Heather Plant From Evergreen Direct Artificial Heather Bush

Botanically accurate artificial heather

Artificial Cyclame Plant and artificial flowering plants at Evergreen Artificial Cyclamen Plant

Cyclamen plant suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Available in a variety of colours.

Artificial 3ft Grass Plant From Evergreen Direct Artificial Grass Plant

3ft Artificial grass plant available potted or unpotted

Artificial Zebra Plant From Evergreen Direct Artificial Zebra Plant

Artificial zebra plant available potted or unpotted. Perfect for artificial under planting!

Artificial Couch Grass From Evergreen Direct Artificial Couch Grass

Unpotted Artificial Couch grass plant

Artificial Grass plant at Evergreen Direct Unpotted 3ft grass plant
£8.96 Save 25%

Lush colored UV stable grass plant

Artificial potted grass plant at Evergreen Direct Artificial Small Potted Grass Plant

Artificial potted Grass Plant

Artificial Dark Sansevieria Mother In Laws Tongue Plant From Evergreen ARTIFICIAL DARK SANSEVIERIA MOTHER IN LAWS TONGUE PLANT

3ft artificial plant suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Real plants can often be very time consuming so if your plants are becoming a little bit of a choir, then artificial planting can be the perfect solution for you. We have a wide range of artificial plants in an array of styles, shapes and sizes. If however there is a very specific artificial planting display you are looking for. you can get in touch, and together we can design some artificial planting specifically to your requirements. This gives you full flexibility to have any design of fresh looking foliage whenever, wherever!

At Evergreen we have had 20 years experience and are now considered specialist in the artificial planting industry. We pride ourselves on our high quality products, craftsmanship, and flexibility to customize our artificial planting solutions to each individual customer, all at an affordable price.  No matter how little or large your space or budget we will find the right planting solution for you.

Artificial plants to use outdoors
Can artificial plants be used outdoors? Artificial plants have become a very popular option both indoors and outdoors due to the demand in keeping homes and garden looking their best all year round. At Evergreen Direct we have invested in a revolutionary range of artificial plants that are UV stable and protected against the outdoor elements. This ensures the artificial plants can be safely kept outside as a permanent feature and continue to look as good outdoors as they would indoors. Not all artificial plants on the market are suitable for outdoors and if placed outside will discolour and fade so before purchasing a plant to keep outdoors, do check it's UV stability.

Top Tip: When using artificial planting outdoors, rotate your plants every couple of weeks. This delays any discolour UV rays my and eliminates sections of the plant getting taking the full impact of the sunlight causing a noticeable streak of fading on the most exposed side of the plant

Realistic Artificial Plants
Fake plants have advanced rapidly in recent years, so much so that if you purchase a quality artificial plant it is often difficult to differentiate artificial plants from living plants without touching or sometimes even smelling them! Evergreen Direct uses only top quality fabrics in the manufacture of their artificial plants and have a very careful eye for detail. To ensure our artificial planting range is botanically accurate to both see and touch we have spent a lot of time fine tuning the colour and texture of the foliage. We have done this by using lots of different shades of colours throughout the foliage to create a natural finish. To enhance the texture we have added materials such as latex to give that smooth sheen that natural leaves have.

Top Tip: Many artificial plants do not come fire retardant. If this is a feature you need, a spray can be purchased to coat your artificial plants and ensure its fire retardancy. If you require further details on this please get in touch.

Bespoke Artificial Planting
How to find the perfect artificial plant
. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder which is why at Evergreen Direct we consider out artificial bespoke planting the perfect way to get that ultimate planting display, that is made to measure and looks as though it has naturally grown into the space it is placed. Bespoke artificial planting is at the heart of our business and the key to our happy customers. Whether you have a very specific design in mind, or prefer taking advantage of our complementary design service the choice is yours. The only standard at Evergreen Direct is set by the customer and we thrive on going the extra mile to deliver the perfect artificial planting solution.

Top Tip: Spent time measuring the space your artificial plant is going to sit. Getting the correct proportions is key to ensuring the fake plant looks natural and realistic in its surroundings. This is also a useful tool to narrow down your search when looking for suitable fake planting options.

Despite offering our design service and only using the highest quality plant foliage we spend a lot of time making sure our prices are highly competitive within the market . We import the finest quality artificial planting foliage, direct from the manufacturer in large quantities to guarantee the best possible prices. The design and assemble of your artificial plants are all done in house by highly skilled craftsmen to make sure additional commissions and charges through middle men are not added to your cost.

No project is too little or large for us so if you have a very specific idea that varies from the artificial plants we show on our site then do not hesitate in giving one of our design team a call to discuss 01751 417776.

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