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Artificial Hanging Baskets

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Artificial Geranium Hanging Baskets at Evergreen Direct Artificial Geranium Hanging Basket

Hand built artificial geranium hanging basket. Available in varying color combinations

Artificial Deluxe Geranium Hanging Basket from Evergreen Direct Artificial Deluxe Geranium Hanging Basket

Handmade artificial hanging basket. Deluxe quality available in varying colour combinations

Giant artificial floral hanging basket at Evergreen Direct Giant Deluxe Artificial Hanging Basket

Handmade artificial hanging basket. available to customise

Artificial Greenery Hanging Basket from Evergreen Direct Artificial Greenery Hanging Basket

Handmade Artificial Greenery hanging Basket. 100% botanically accurate planting.

Artificial Lavender Hanging Basket from Evergreen Direct Artificial Lavender Hanging Basket

Artificial Lavender Hanging Basket - supplied with hanging chain.

Artificial Pansy Hanging Basket From Evergreen Direct Artificial Pansy Hanging Bakset

Artificial Pansy Hanging basket. Delicate handmade floral display

Artificial hanging baskets are the perfect way of bringing a burst of color into your home and garden. Plastic hanging baskets, unlike real baskets, do not need constant water and sun light to keep them looking lush and healthy, they are maintenance free and require no work. At Evergreen Direct we will save all the hard working of watering those hard to reach artificial hanging baskets.

At Evergreen Direct we try and keep your costs low and with each synthetic hanging basket, we provide a free galvanised chain to ensure your baskets are all ready to hang up the moment you receive them.

All of our artificial hanging baskets unlike many cheaper versions on the market are UV stable which means they are resilient to the outdoor elements and will not discolour or fade leaving them looking beautiful all year round!

What are the key benefits of Artificial Hanging Baskets?

Artificial has some key benefits over real hanging baskets as they not only save time with maintenance but more importantly look good all year round regardless of the weather. We have been industry leaders in all thing artificial for years having sourced not only the finest materials but the very best staff who can advise and guide you in the right direction to get you the perfect artifical hanging basket that will out shine your real baskets in an instant

All of our artificial hanging baskets are hand built to give them the most natural look so if you require any different sizes, or color combination you have the flexibility to mix and match when choosing planting for your hanging basket. Give us a call to discuss your ideas 01751 417776.


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