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  • Artificial Fat Leaf Mango Spray (x6)

    Artificial Fat Leaf Mango Spray (x6)

    £12.60 INC VAT
  • Artificial Holly Spray

    Artificial Holly Spray

    £2.50 INC VAT

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Artificial Foliage

Our artificial foliage sprays gives you the flexibility to build whatever you like from your favourite foliage. All of our replica foliage sprays are 100% botanically accurate with careful detail being put into the design and colouration of each individual leaf.

Artificial foliage sprays otherwise known as fake foliage sprays are ideal for people with inner creativity as they allow for completely unique and bespoke creations designed to suit your individual needs perfectly. Our range is ever growing as we look to give you the flexibility and freedom to create the perfect home or office artificial display. 

Foliage sprays have many uses, such as:

  • Tree building
  • Adding to floral displays
  • Wedding venues, buttonholes, decoration etc
  • Aviaries
  • Vivarium
  • and many more

Realistic Fake Foliage

All of our artificial foliage sprays are made from top quality silks and plastic to ensure the foliage not only looks realistic but feels it too. If you would like some expert advice on how to use our artificial foliage then take advantage of our free design service. Give one of our designers a call on 01751 417776 and they will give you step by step instruction on how to fit your artificial foliage.

Artificial foliage and greenery has become very popular over the years, they’re the perfect solution for areas where real plants wouldn’t usually survive. They’re a great option for commercial spaces where plants wouldn’t survive as well as those individuals who lack the skills necessary for gardening. At Evergreen Direct we provide a wide range of faux greenery, this includes mango spray and holly spray, we offer a range of faux greenery and foliage that’s great for both indoor and outdoor use.

We check foliage for shape, size and colour, ensuring that it’s all botanically accurate and as realistic as possible. All of the materials that we use to create the artificial foliage is to the highest standards, at Evergreen Direct, we’re the only place to go when it comes to natural looking faux foliage.


We Are Here To Help

Whether it is some simple advice to help you select a product or a full complementary design service we have artificial planting specialists ready to take your call:

01751 417776


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