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  • Artificial Wild Heath Hanging Basket

    Artificial Wild Heath Hanging Basket

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Artificial Outdoor Hanging Baskets

Artificial hanging baskets are the perfect way of bringing a burst of color into your home and garden. Plastic hanging baskets, unlike real baskets, do not need constant water and sun light to keep them looking lush and healthy, they are maintenance free and require no work. At Evergreen Direct we will save all the hard working of watering those hard to reach artificial hanging baskets.

Are you looking for artificial hanging baskets? Well look no further, Evergreen Direct has got you covered, we offer a range of artificial hanging plants and baskets, great for outside your home or your premises. The faux hanging baskets that we provide offer a stunning visual and unique decoration piece, should you be welcoming people into your house, or your restaurant or shop, our artificial hanging plant baskets will inspire. At Evergreen Direct we’ve been providing our fake hanging baskets and plants for a number of years, what’s more is we’re renowned for the high quality products that we provide. We also have a wide range of options to choose from, so whatever type of artificial hanging basket you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Simply view our range online today.

Artificial Hanging Plants and Baskets

With our stunning outdoor artificial hanging plants you can easily decorate non attractive spaces, they are great when used in small or dark corners and also around doors or cupboards, places where real hanging plants wouldn’t survive. Over the years we’ve provided our faux hanging baskets to a number of clients, including commercial customers who have used them to decorate their restaurant, freshen up their office or liven up their showroom or display. Our fake hanging plants and baskets are perfect to brighten up a range of areas, especially in locations where real plants and flowers won’t survive.

When you shop with Evergreen Direct, our fake hanging plants are to the highest quality, they’re manufactured exclusively for our range and include only botanically accurate designs. Our production team uses only durable materials and innovative techniques, this is to ensure the best quality artificial hanging plants for your property or premises. As experts in artificial plants, when it comes to our faux hanging plants and baskets, it's important to us that they don’t just look realistic, they feel life like as well, that’s why we guarantee an authentic and real life product. All of our products are produced to the highest authenticity, it’s important to us that they will look as natural as possible in their surroundings, especially as leafy greens and bright flowers can provide a calming effect, we want to ensure that they’re inspiring to the people around them.

Faux Hanging Plants and Baskets

One of the reasons why our fake hanging plants are so popular is that they are care and maintenance free, there’s no need to worry about watering them or choosing a space for them that gets the best sunlight. Our outdoor artificial hanging plants can also withstand moisture, so changes in weather and temperature won’t affect their look. Another key point to choosing artificial options is that they won’t provide any potential allergic reactions for your family, customers or colleagues, which could be the case with real life plants.

So should you be considering purchasing artificial hanging plant products, look no further, at Evergreen Direct we have an extensive selection that comes in a variety of styles, types and colours. Maybe you’re looking for something eye-catching and colourful or a hanging plant that's leafy and calming, well simply take a look at our selection online today. When you shop with Evergreen Direct you’ll be able to find an artificial hanging plant that doesn’t just match your interior or exterior, it meets all of your requirements.

Synthetic Hanging Baskets

At Evergreen Direct we try and keep your costs low and with each synthetic hanging basket, we provide a free galvanised chain to ensure your baskets are all ready to hang up the moment you receive them.

All of our artificial hanging baskets unlike many cheaper versions on the market are UV stable which means they are resilient to the outdoor elements and will not discolour or fade leaving them looking beautiful all year round!

The Benefits of artificial hanging baskets?

Artificial has some key benefits over real hanging baskets as they not only save time with maintenance but more importantly look good all year round regardless of the weather. We have been industry leaders in all thing artificial for years having sourced not only the finest materials but the very best staff who can advise and guide you in the right direction to get you the perfect artificial hanging basket that will out shine your real baskets in an instant

All of our artificial hanging baskets are hand built to give them the most natural look so if you require any different sizes, or color combination you have the flexibility to mix and match when choosing planting for your hanging basket. Give us a call to discuss your ideas 01751 417776.

Shop with Evergreen Direct today

At Evergreen Direct we’re known for the range of realistic and high quality faux hanging plants that we provide and having been established for a number of years and we aim to make sure that all of our artificial hanging plants and baskets are botanically accurate. All of our artificial and faux hanging plants have been manufactured to the highest standards, this is to ensure that the products are durable and last the test of time. When you choose Evergreen Direct, not only do we ensure the best artificial products, but we also aim to provide customers with an exceptional service. So should you be looking for faux hanging plants for outside your premises or property, look no further, Evergreen Direct have got you covered. When you choose us as your artificial hanging plant supplier we will provide an effective and efficient service, for more information on our artificial hanging plants, contact our friendly team today.


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