The ultimate artificial topairy guide

The nation’s most loved addition to every garden! Used in maisonettes to manor houses topiary can be customised to suit so many styles. Topiary has been used for centuries, first becoming popular in the early roman times, since it has been a feature through so many eras, it cannot fail to bring a striking yet classic ambience to your space.

Despite our nations love of topiary it does come with a few down sides these being it is very labour intensive and requires plenty of pruning, precision, and protection! To keep topiary looking at its best you need to be somewhat artistic to prune it to a attractive shape. Topiary is very susceptible to diseases such as box suckers and box blight which makes it not the most hardy piece of living architecture in your garden.

To overcome these difficulties we have spent time developing the artificial topiary product that is so difficult to differentiate from the living plant, and which still to brings you the beautiful class and striking elegance that we love about topiary but without the hard work. The options for this product are endless and I have collated a few of our very favourites to share with you!


The artificial bay tree is traditionally used to frame the entrance of a home, in recent years this is done to create a classic yet contemporary style. Dating back to the ancient Greeks they dedicated the bay tree to the God Apollo (the God of medicine) as the bay tree was placed around the home to bring happiness and health.


Artificial boxwood is probably the most flexible species from the topiary collection which is most commonly clipped into attractive shapes. Our most popular the artificial boxwood ball, or the more rustic looking buxus ball both species look beautiful when used indoors and outdoors. The giant one look great potted up to make a decorative feature on the decking, and the smaller ones are perfect for potting up in decorative planters and using as interior decorations.

Artificial Boxwood Trees

Boxwood is very often clipped to form other shapes and styles such as spiralscones and triple balls. These trees often offer a little more height which helps to create a more impactful, and regal topiary display. There are many beautiful gardens that are solely made up of boxwood, topiariesd into different shapes. Putting together an array of different artificial topiary products is a great way of creating the ultimate pop up garden that will be completely maintenance free!

Artificial Hedge

One of the newer but most popular additions to the topiary range is the artificial topiary hedge. Hedges are perfect for creating a decorative border, adding extra privacy and offering extra shelter. The only down side to real hedge is they take many years to mature and get to the desired height and density. Our artificial boxwood hedge is made to suite any size or shape, from making a miniature hedge to sit in a little window box, right up to covering a high rise building, you just need to give us the dimensions.

Finishing touches are very important, and a perfect way to make your topiary personal and tie it into your homes style or colour theme. Topiary can be used in everything from eclectic to classic surrounding so choosing the right kind of planter, lighting or decoration is key to making sure your topiary looks at it’s very best!

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