Artificial Grass Alfresco Dining Range

We are now enjoying that beautiful time of the year where we squeeze any possible alfresco meal in where we can, whilst the novelty is still as fresh as Spring itself. Often the only irritation about this is dodging the inevitable spring time showers which often results in a hasty rush to cover over outdoor furniture and bring in any soft cushions or table clothes. If this is all sounding quite similar we may have some products that will be music to your ears!

Firstly, we have recently launch a new product which is an artificial grass cushion  which has been designed to be left outdoors all year round. It is hardy to all the outdoor elements and due to its waterproof foam insert they have a very speedy drying once the rain has stopped! These are currently retailing at £19.95 each and come in different sizes. Why not splash out this spring and enjoy the sensation of sitting on freshly cut grass all year round!

We also have a range of artificial grass table wear which is equally hardy to the outdoor elements and can be left on your outdoor table for as long as you like. Our artificial grass table wear include table runners, place mats and coasters. The artificial material these are made from is is durable against natural elements, so it won’t dull after exposure to the sun or become damaged by the outdoor elements. All products have drainage holes built in which allows the water to drain straight through speeding up any drying time.

The artificial grass table wear range brings a natural element to your dining experience. The contemporary and summery decor can of course also be used on an indoors. The design also brings a fresh take to rainy days spent eating indoors when you’d rather be enjoying dry weather outside.

These are also a great solution for events such as children parties as they are so simply to clean and of course are stain proof! Simply spray with a little anti bacterial cleaner and hose down!

This seasonal decor is a great way to enjoy the last of summer, and a great way to ring in the spring. Happy Alfresco dining!

Alfresco Dining with Some Added Character

I saw this idea which we thought looked absolutely fantastic when creating a color and charismatic alfresco dining table.

The color is a beautiful contrast to the flowers and outdoor scenery. These artificial Buxus balls are available to buy from 

Should you need any fitting advice depending on what you are planning on sitting the topiary in the just give us a call on 01751 417776