Slippery Step Remedy

This weekend like may others across the county we were facing first frosts which welcomed with it slippery front door steps, thanks to the wet weather causing slimey algae to grow all over it. An accident was waiting to happen, and unfortunatly my daughter beat us all to it whilst she was racing out the front door last week, slipped and gashed her knee. Action needed to be taken and this wasn’t a job I could add onto the bottom of my wives 3 monthly maintainance to do list!

I firstly looked into specialist slip resistant grit paint but after looking closely at the finish I felt it made the step look somewhat grimey!

I needed to look much closer to home than this… artificial grass was the perfect solution! Why had I not thought of this sooner! Using a staple gun I simply glad the whole step taking less that 10 minutes! Not only does this look great but works perfectly as an unavoidable front door mat, the mud and pebbles have certainly disappered inside our front door since this grass was layed.

In the spring time if I decide to take this up, the grass will have protected the decking timber underneath so no more algae will have grown saving me the job of the annual pressure wash in April.

The Artificial grass I used here was long summer meadow supplied by Artificial Landscapes

Alternative to Wallpaper

Wallpaper has done us proud for many years and for many interior cannot be beaten. However, nobody can deny that it is ver one dimensional and is limiten to the texture it can offer an interior.

London’s top interior designer have been creating this season key botanical look by adding artificial foliage to interior walls. The foliage adds an extra charasmatic dimension to room with the beautiful texture the foliage offers. Not only does the foliage look great but it also offers additional heat and sound insulation to your walls. The foliage does not have to be used to cover the full wall but can be used as in panels to create a quirky wall feature

Unlike many wallpapers and fabrics artificial boxwood foliage is UV stable which prevents and discolour of fading caused by sunlight. This helps the boxwood foliage panles be useful for more practical purpooses such as sink splash backs to help protect your wall against water stains

Get the look with our artificial boxwood hedging panels