Transform Your Garden in Minutes With Artificial Hedging

Artificial hedging- your top secret landscaping solution

Wandering around the grounds of beautiful stately homes or open gardens cannot fail to inspire when considering planting solutions for your own property. The perfectly manicured hedges which cordon off the outside world leaving you in what could be quite comfortably considered a ‘secret garden’, a haven of tranquillity and relaxation. The forever frustrating question is how I can create this look for myself without having to spend a lot of time waiting for hedges to grow, a lot more time maintaining the hedge, and even more money on gardeners fees! The most obvious solution is to use artificial hedging that can be set up in moments and will give your garden or property the finishing touch you have always dreamed of.

 Artificial hedging in recent years has advanced incredibly which makes the product much more flexible and suitable for different environments and designs. The foliage that is used now looks 100% botanically accurate and UV stable which means it will not discolour or fade outdoors leaving it fully maintenance free and looking lush and healthy for many years, all year round.

Let me introduce to you some of the solutions that artificial hedging can now provide.

Artificial hedge privacy screening

Privacy is priceless either in your home, garden or indeed business. Not only is privacy a luxury from an aesthetic point of view, but far more importantly from a security perspective. There is complete flexibility in terms of the size of an artificial hedge which means one could be made small enough to simply impinge your view of unsightly objects such as bins. Equally a hedge could be made to surround your property from the view of the passersby, and prying eyes!

Artificial hedging barrier bars/restaurants

The external appearance of a bar or restaurant is the only thing a first time customer has to judge the business on before entering. People look for well kept, secluded looking outlets where they can imagine not only the food being good but also the ambience. Adding the finishing touch of artificial hedge to the exterior of your outlet can enhance the inviting feel drawing in many more first time customers along with keeping the exclusive ambience for your regular customers.

Artificial hedging barrier in the home

Adding the finishing touches to frame an area of your garden, balcony or patio can not only look very impactful but also add a sense of privacy in a desired space. Alternatives to artificial hedging are walls or fencing which over time look unsightly and not as in keeping with outdoor spaces.

Artificial hedge window boxes

Window boxes are fantastic for adding a burst of colour, texture and an extra dimension to your property to make it look more attractive. Maintaining a garden is often enough of a chore without adding the extra work of window boxes which are in very awkward places to maintain and water. Artificial hedging is the obvious solution to this maintenance problem, artificial hedge window boxes can be left to look beautiful all year round without any care or attention.

Artificial hedge wind break

In exposed areas such as balconies, roof terraces or decking areas, there is often very little shelter from the wind. This is especially unfortunate as these are the places you need to be sheltered in order to create little suntraps for sitting outside and enjoying the weather at its best. Synthetic hedging can give protection from all sides to keep the wind to a minimum, whilst also bordering your space and enhancing its appearance. Wind breaks can not only act as protection from the wind but also dust and debris such as fallen leaves from blowing over exposed areas. This at certain times of the year can save a lot of time sweeping, raking and cleaning.

Artificial event hedging

Temporary hedging is becoming an increasingly popular option every year. Events such as exhibitions, weddings, shows need hedging very quickly for many reasons; from lining walkways right up to road blocks. Many environments are not suitable for living hedges to stay alive which makes artificial the only option. Artificial hedging is now an integral piece of multi functional kit that is portable, and can be used time and time again for many different purposes

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How to Build an Artificial Tree

How to build an Artificial Tree

Evergreen direct harvest natural stems from a sustainable local area of forestry.

Artificial Tree stems

The stems harvested are carefully selected to suit the species of tree we are building. The stems are pruned and cut to the desired shape and height to form the framework of the artificial tree.

Artificial tree building stems

The stems are then set using casting plaster into a planter. These can be potted into a more decorative planter if required but all of our hand built trees come free of charge in a travel planter. The travel planter allows your trees to be ready to display the moment it arrives and also allows you to stand in a more decorative planter you already own if desired.
artificial tree stem pottedartificial tree stems in teracotta

Small holes are then drilled into the stem in the position that foliage would need to be added. The bushier and more dense we want the tree to look the closer we drill the holes. It is often more effective to begin with a smaller amount of foliage and add to this once the shape of the tree begins to form.
artificial tree building drillingartificial tree building holes


The foliage species is then selected. At Evergreen direct we use top quality foliage which is made from a mix of fine silk and polyester. Foliage sprays are pruned to shape and inserted into the stems using pliers.

artificial tree buildingartificial tree foliage


This Process is repeated until the shape of the tree begins to take shape. At this stage more holes are drilled in sections that need extra foliage coverage.
artificial tree building

Eventually the tree will begin to take shape and look like a stunning, very realistic tree!
artificial hand built tree