Outdoor Trees

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  • Artificial Weeping Mop Head Topiary Tree

    Artificial Weeping Mop Head Topiary Tree

    From: £99.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Outdoor UV Boston Fern Tree

    Artificial Outdoor UV Boston Fern Tree

    £95.50 INC VAT
  • Artificial Cypress Spiral Topiary

    Artificial Cypress Spiral Topiary

    £169.95 INC VAT
  • UV Outdoor Artificial French Ficus Tree

    Artificial UV Outdoor Green Ficus Tree

    £199.95 INC VAT
  • UV Artificial Ficus Tree

    UV Artificial Ficus Tree

    From: £199.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Tuscan Olive Tree

    Artificial Tuscan Olive Tree

    From: £59.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Bay Tree

    Artificial Bay Tree

    From: £79.95 INC VAT
  • 3ft Shrub

    Artificial Buxus Shrub

    From: £29.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Buxus Topiary Cone

    Artificial Buxus Topiary Cone

    From: £124.50 INC VAT


    £129.95 INC VAT
  • Medium Artificial Buxus Spiral

    Medium Artificial Buxus Spiral

    From: £89.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial UV Birch Tree

    Artificial UV Birch Tree

    From: £114.95 INC VAT

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Artificial Outdoor Trees

At Evergreen Direct we have had over 20 years of experience and are now specialists in the artificial trees and planting industry. We pride ourselves on our high quality products, craftsmanship, and flexibility to customise each artificial planting to solutions to each individual customer, all at an affordable price. No matter how little or large your space or budget we will find the perfect planting solution for you.

Artificial trees have become a very popular option both indoors and outdoors as certain environments are not suitable for living trees to survive. Artificial outdoor trees in recent years have advanced so far that now it is difficult to differentiate artificial trees from living trees without touching them. This is where we have built our expertise as we source the very finest artificial outdoor trees from only the most reputable companies worldwide.

Fake Trees

Evergreen Directs artificial outdoor tree range, such as the cypress spiral, has all the beauty of the real thing throughout the year, without the worry of the survival or deterioration of the trees at certain times of the year. Once your artificial outdoor trees are in place you can enjoy the savings of your own time spent on maintenance and money on replacements and even gardeners fees.

All of our artificial outdoor trees are designed to withstand all the hardy outdoor elements. The compositions of our artificial outdoor trees are durable, robust and fully UV stable to prevent and fading or discolour. This ensures your outdoor trees are completely maintenance free and the foliage will continue to look vibrant and healthy all year round, for years to come.


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