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  • Artificial 60cm Mountain Palm

    Artificial 60cm Mountain Palm

    From: £10.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial 1.3m Medium Decorative Interior Palm

    Artificial 1.3m Medium Decorative Interior Palm

    From: £64.95 INC VAT
  • Interior Table Top Palm

    Artificial 50cm Interior Table Top Palm

    £11.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial 75cm Phoenix Bamboo Plant

    Artificial 75cm Phoenix Bamboo Plant

    From: £14.25 INC VAT
  • Real Touch Bamboo Tree

    Real Touch Bamboo Tree

    From: £34.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Real Stem Bamboo Tree

    Artificial Real Stem Bamboo Tree

    From: £49.95 INC VAT
  • Medium Artificial Bamboo Tree 4ft

    Medium Artificial Bamboo Tree 4ft

    From: £59.95 INC VAT
  • Large Artificial Traditional Bamboo

    Large Artificial Traditional Bamboo

    From: £76.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Decorative Bamboo

    Artificial Decorative Bamboo

    £67.95 INC VAT

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9 Item(s)

Artificial Bamboo Plants

Artificial bamboo has become a very popular option both indoors and outdoors due to many environments not being suitable for living bamboo to survive in the UK. Artificial bamboo has advanced so far that now it is difficult to differentiate artificial bamboo from living bamboo trees without actually touching it!

We have an extensive range of fake bamboo ranging from 2ft to 10ft so if you are looking to create that tropical look we will have the perfect bamboo to fit within your space or budget. Our range of replica bamboo is fully maintenance free and holds it colour and shape all year round.

Realistic Artificial Bamboo Trees and Plants

All our artificial bamboo is very realistic and is 100% botanically accurate. If you are struggling to decide which bamboo would be best for you at Evergreen Direct, you have the luxury of a free of charge bespoke design service where we can advise which replica bamboo tree would be best suited to the look and feel you are trying to create.

Despite offering our design service and only using the highest quality foliage we spend a lot of time making sure our prices are highly competitive within the market.  The design and build of your artificial bamboo is all done in house by highly skilled craftsmen to make sure we get the perfect looking bamboo in your home or office. Why not look at our blogs for some great ideas on how to use the artificial bamboo.

Artificial bamboo is a great way to have a fantastic oriental style plant in your home or office, one of the reasons they’re so popular is due to their no maintenance nature. While bamboo looks great, it requires lots of maintenance including feeding, watering and pruning, you’ll also need to keep an eye on them so they can spread outside of their planting space. At Evergreen Direct, the artificial bamboo trees that we provide require no fuss, there’s no need to worry about watering, feeding and pruning, the faux bamboo trees we offer need no care or attention and will look great all year round.

At Evergreen Direct we have a bamboo tree for every home, our oriental bamboo trees are beautiful and a great replica of the traditional Chinese bamboo tree. Our natural looking bamboo trees feature delicate stems and leaves, they’re the ideal tree for creating a relaxing environment. All of our bamboo trees are made using highly quality and durable materials, they’ll look fantastic and have a long lifespan.


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