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  • Artificial Trailing Philo Ivy

    Artificial Trailing Philo Ivy

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  • artificial woodland ivy

    Artificial Woodland Ivy Plant

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Artificial Trailing Plants and Ivy

Artificial trailing plants have become a very popular option both indoors and outdoors as certain environments are not suitable for living plants. We have a variety of styles of artificial trailing ivy and geraniums. These products have also advanced so far that it is now difficult to differentiate artificial plants from living plants without touching or smelling them! Once your faux plants are in place you can look forward to enjoying the savings of your own time spent on maintenance, and money on planting replacements and even gardeners fees.

We have a wide selection of beautiful artificial plants and greenery that will bring life to any indoor or outdoor area. All of our artificial plants have been designed to look 100% botanically accurate. At Evergreen Direct we offer a bespoke design service where we can advise which artificial plants would be best suited to the look and feel you are trying to create.

Artificial Hanging Plants

Despite offering our design service and only using the highest quality plant foliage we spend a lot of time making sure our prices are highly competitive within the market. We import the finest quality artificial planting foliage, direct from the manufacturer in large quantities to guarantee the best possible prices. The design and assemble of yourartificial plants are all done in house by highly skilled craftsmen to make sure additional commissions and charges through middle men are not added to your cost.

No project is too little or large for us so if you have a very specific idea that varies from the artificial plants we show on our site then do not hesitate in giving one of our design team a call to discuss 01751 417776.

At Evergreen Direct, we specialise in a range of artificial and faux trailing plants, all of our fake trailing is realistic and includes geraniums, maple, woodland ivy, holland ivy, philo ivy, grape ivy, English ivy and forest ferns which are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Our fake trailing is made using the latest high quality materials and realistic plastics, this ensures both durability and a realistic look. We’re experts when it comes to artificial trailing plants and have been providing them to customers across the UK for a number of years.

Our range of artificial trailing plants are widely used by both domestic and commercial clients and are a great addition to your interior decor. Our range of artificial plants include UV resistant and fire retardant plants that can be used for both outdoor and interior displays.

Artificial Trailing Plants in Pots

For artificial trailing plants in pots, look no further, Evergreen Direct has got you covered. Our range of trailing plants in pots look great, whether you place them inside or outside or your home, or should they be for your business premises, you’re in the right place. By choosing Evergreen Direct as your artificial trailing plant supplier, we will ensure an effective and efficient service, whatever your needs, when it comes to trailing plants, our team has you covered. One of the reasons why our artificial trailing plants in pots are so popular is that they are maintenance free, you don’t need to worry about caring for them and watering them, even if they don’t get direct sunlight, they will always look great. If you are thinking about purchasing trailing plants in pots, make sure you choose the UK’s number one supplier, Evergreen Direct, we have an extensive collection available - from bold, eye catching statement pieces, to something cool and calming, take a look at our selection online today.

Small Artificial Trailing Plants

As well as large artificial trailing plants, at Evergreen Direct we also stock small artificial trailing plants, when it comes to the selection that we provide, it's extensive so you’re bound to find whatever you’re looking for. Our team have years of experience and are well versed in everything to do with trailing plants, from ensuring high quality materials are used to a lifelike design, we aim to offer the best small artificial trailing plants around. Trailing plants have become very popular and we stock a wide collection to make sure that our customers can find something to meet their needs. With a team of experts who can always be on hand, we can help you to find the perfect trailing plant for your home, garden or business premises. What’s more is, when you choose Evergreen Direct we aim to only provide the finest artificial trailing plants that come from high quality materials and have been manufactured to the best standards. Should you need any further information regarding the products that we offer, simply get in touch with our team today!

Artificial Outdoor Trailing Plants UK

At Evergreen Direct, our team are renowned for the excellent collection of realistic trailing plants that they offer, they have also been established for many years and aim to ensure that all of the products they provide, including artificial trailing plants are botanically accurate. When in need of artificial outdoor trailing plants, look no further, at Evergreen Direct we offer a selection of faux trailing plants which have all been produced to the highest standards, this is to make sure that the products that we offer are all durable and will last in the years to come. When you choose Evergreen Direct, not only do we ensure exceptional products, our professional team can always be on hand to assist with any questions or queries that you may have. So should you be looking for artificial outdoor trailing plants for outside your premises or property, look no further, Evergreen Direct has got you covered.

Artificial Indoor Trailing Plants UK

Our selection of artificial indoor trailing plants is known for being one of the best in the UK, whether you’re looking to enhance and decorate the interior or your home or premises, we have got you covered, from your lounge or kitchen space, to commercial properties and corporate areas such as hotels, bars, restaurants or retail outlets, our fake trailing plants are a great option. At Evergreen Direct, our artificial indoor trailing plants ensure a realistic look and feel, they are also very low maintenance and will look brilliant all year round. When you choose Evergreen Direct for your artificial trailing plants, trust that you have come to the best supplier, we will provide you with a range of effective options and an efficient service, for more information on our range of artificial products, please get in touch with our team today.

Artificial Trailing House Plants

When looking for artificial trailing house plants, look no further, at Evergreen Direct, the range of realistic and highly quality faux trailing plants that we offer is high quality. Our team has been operating for many years and as an established company, Evergreen Direct aims to ensure that all of the artificial plants that we supply are lifelike and realistic. We should always be your first choice for faux and artificial plants, what’s more is, all of our products have been manufactured to the best standards and with this in mind, you can trust that the trailing plants we offer are durable. Whether you place them inside your home or outside your property, the faux trailing plants we stock will last in the years to come and look good, no matter what season it is. When you select Evergreen Direct for your artificial trailing house plants, we guarantee that you will receive the best trailing plants around, you can also rely on our team for any information that you may require. For more information, please get in touch today.

For Artificial Trailing Plants, Check Out Evergreen Direct Today

For artificial trailing plants, at Evergreen Direct, we offer a large selection of artificial plants that are all available to purchase online. Should it be for your property or premises, you’ll find exactly what you need at Evergreen Direct. We also aim to provide faux trailing plants that are all 100% botanically accurate and to the highest quality. At Evergreen Direct we ensure that our fake trailing plants are all priced competitively, so should you have any questions or queries regarding our products, please get in touch with our team of professionals today.


What is a trailing plant?

Trailing plants can provide a whole new look to your pots, hanging baskets, containers and window boxes. They are also a very popular choice for indoor plants, they come in a range of colours and styles and can suit many different spaces. Trailing plants will spill and tumble over baskets and containers, they are also often referred to as ‘spillers’.

Do your artificial trailing plants look realistic?

Yes they most certainly do, at Evergreen Direct we only supply faux trailing plants that are lifelike looking. When it comes to the range of artificial and fake trailing plant products that we stock, we guarantee their natural look, by making sure that they have been hand selected based on their realistic features. At Evergreen Direct our team will make sure that the variety of fake trailing plants that we stock are all 100% botanically accurate and will look great wherever you place them. We can provide both indoor and outdoor options that will look great in your premises or at the exterior of your home. The Evergreen Direct team should always be your first choice for artificial trailing plants, all of the products that we stock aim to enhance your space.

Where can I buy artificial trailing plants?

If you are in need of artificial trailing plants, look no further, with Evergreen Direct you can buy trailing plants online from our website, we have a large range for you to choose from. As a supplier of all things artificial including outdoor trailing plants. We are home to a selection of products including faux trailing plants, so whatever your needs our collection of products come in a number of styles and types, you’ll always find what you’re looking for. When it comes to our outdoor trailing plants, they are artificial so are low maintenance, they will look good all year round. For more information on our trailing plants, feel free to call our team today, or visit our website and view our product range online.

Why choose Evergreen Direct for artificial trailing plants?

The Evergreen Direct team are specialists in all things artificial including artificial trailing plants, you can trust that you’ve come to the best place. When choosing a new trailing plant, we will supply you with something that is high quality and lifelike to look at and feel. All of our artificial trailing plants are exceptional and will improve your garden, home, exterior or interior space instantly. With years of experience we have been supplying our artificial trailing plants to our customers across the UK for many years, we’re renowned for the highly quality artificial trailing products that we stock. What’s more is all of our trailing plants have been produced to the best standards and we aim to ensure that your trailing plant is durable and lasts for the years to come. As well as the best trailing plants, we also provide great customer service, so for more information on our range of tailing plants, please contact our friendly team today.

What types of trailing plants do you stock?

At Evergreen Direct, we are home to a large range of trailing plants, and having been providing our products for over 20 years, you can trust that we are experts in all things artificial. When it comes to trailing plants, the products that we provide are all highly realistic and have been created to the highest standards. Our extensively knowledgeable team specialise in fake trailing plants and can offer you many different types, such as artificial trailing plants in pots, small trailing plants, artificial trailing ivy and green trailing plants. When you choose Evergreen Direct for artificial trailing plants, rest assured that you are in the right hands, all of our trailing plants have been sourced to the best standards, simply view our product range online today.


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