Trailing Plants

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  • Artificial Trailing Azelea Plant

    Artificial Trailing Azelea Plant

    £29.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Trailing Rose Plant

    Artificial Trailing Rose Plant

    £7.25 INC VAT
  • Artificial Large Trailing Geraniums

    Artificial Large Trailing Geraniums

    £15.95 INC VAT
  • Trailing Forest Fern Plant

    Trailing Forest Fern Plant

    From: £19.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Trailing Holland Ivy

    Artificial Trailing Holland Ivy

    £17.95 INC VAT
  • artificial woodland ivy

    Artificial Woodland Ivy Plant

    £15.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial English Ivy Plant

    Artificial English Ivy Plant

    £14.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Trailing Maple Ivy

    Artificial Trailing Maple Ivy

    £11.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Trailing Grape Ivy

    Artificial Trailing Grape Ivy

    £11.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial Trailing Philo Ivy

    Artificial Trailing Philo Ivy

    £10.95 INC VAT


    £9.95 INC VAT
  • Artificial String of Pearls Trailing Plant

    Artificial String of Pearls Trailing Plant

    £9.95 INC VAT

Set Descending Direction

1-12 of 14

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Artificial Trailing Plants and Ivy

Artificial trailing plants have become a very popular option both indoors and outdoors as certain environments are not suitable for living plants. We have a variety of styles of artificial trailing ivy and geraniums. These products have also advanced so far that it is now difficult to differentiate artificial plants from living plants without touching or smelling them! Once your faux plants are in place you can look forward to enjoying the savings of your own time spent on maintenance, and money on planting replacements and even gardeners fees.

We have a wide selection of beautiful artificial plants and greenery that will bring life to any indoor or outdoor area. All of our artificial plants have been designed to look 100% botanically accurate. At Evergreen Direct we offer a bespoke design service where we can advise which artificial plants would be best suited to the look and feel you are trying to create.

Artificial Hanging Plants

Despite offering our design service and only using the highest quality plant foliage we spend a lot of time making sure our prices are highly competitive within the market. We import the finest quality artificial planting foliage, direct from the manufacturer in large quantities to guarantee the best possible prices. The design and assemble of yourartificial plants are all done in house by highly skilled craftsmen to make sure additional commissions and charges through middle men are not added to your cost.

No project is too little or large for us so if you have a very specific idea that varies from the artificial plants we show on our site then do not hesitate in giving one of our design team a call to discuss 01751 417776.

At Evergreen Direct, we specialise in a range of artificial and faux trailing plants, all of our fake trailing is realistic and includes geraniums, maple, woodland ivy, holland ivy, philo ivy, grape ivy, English ivy and forest ferns which are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Our fake trailing is made using the latest high quality materials and realistic plastics, this ensures both durability and a realistic look. We’re experts when it comes to artificial trailing plants and have been providing them to customers across the UK for a number of years.

Our range of artificial trailing plants are widely used by both domestic and commercial clients and are a great addition to your interior decor. Our range of artificial plants include UV resistant and fire retardant plants that can be used for both outdoor and interior displays.


We Are Here To Help

Whether it is some simple advice to help you select a product or a full complementary design service we have artificial planting specialists ready to take your call:

01751 417776


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